Want To Hire Faster And Better With Temporary Recruitment Software?

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Temp workers are short-term staff who work on a contract basis for as short as one day or for as long as a few months. Recruiters, using temporary recruitment agency software that also acts as a great pay and bill software, will have an easier time identifying talented temp staff than other recruiters who don’t utilize temps software.

So, if you are a recruiter looking to hire faster and better then you need the best temporary recruitment software you can find. It is a demanding task to find suitable candidates in the shortest amount of time. Temp recruiters are not only working against time but also competing with other recruiters in the war for talent.

Only those agencies who are outfitted with the best temporary recruitment software platforms are ready for the win.

Getting A Competitive Edge With Temporary Recruitment Agency Software

Recruiters working in temp placements deal with time and skills shortages. But there is huge pressure to deliver suitable candidates. And while most temp agencies have a big and wide repertoire of candidates that they can use when talent sourcing, it is still taxing to ensure that the job goes to the right candidate. Additionally, temp recruiters handle a high influx of candidates and clients daily. This means a lot of administrative work and a lot of communication.

So, when staffing agencies turn to temps software, they can achieve a lot more in a little time.

  • Automation reduces workload

Dealing with a large number of temp job placements in a month means dealing with a big workload. Looking up candidate information, CV parsing, typing and storing data, creating reports for hiring companies – there’s a lot of manual work that takes up a temp recruiter’s time and effort. Automated features in the temporary recruitment agency software make the workflow structured, organised and easier. The time saved can be directed toward other tasks.

  • Boosts efficiency and productivity 

It goes without saying that typing data, creating invoices, and checking candidate availability can take a lot of time when you are doing it hundreds of times per month. How about leveraging a temps software platform that can help you do these tasks quickly and efficiently? You need a pay and bill software. Saving time in these areas means seeing an increase in productivity and quality of work. Get your temps recruiting platform to act as a pay and bill software by integrating online timesheet entries automatically and processing those in seconds. Candidates are also able to generate their self-bill invoices in minutes.

  • Place suitable temp candidates quickly

Once, recruiters can do the repetitive admin tasks quickly, there is more time to focus on talent sourcing and checking candidate availability. The rapid pace of this industry requires temps recruiters to work better and at a faster pace than their rivals to succeed. From checking candidate availability to communicating transparently and quickly with applicants to sending self-raised invoices to clients, temporary recruitment software makes the process of placing temp candidates easy and quick.

Temps Software Features To Look Out For

•                   Quick jobs advert posting

•                   Online candidate planner

•                   Easy high-volume candidate scheduling

•                   Produce self-bill invoices

•                   Comprehensive compliance management 

•                   Easy candidate and client communication 

These features are carefully designed to assist recruiters in improving performance. The aim is always to deliver superior recruiting services to clients and candidates while putting in minimal effort.

Get an online skills testing software platform to add to the excellent recruiting experience. Checking candidate proficiency at the outset helps in placing only the best and most suitable candidates. Skills assessments such as literacy skills tests or MS Office skills tests help to quickly check whether a candidate has the necessary grammar skills and whether they can use the Microsoft Office suite of tools. Psychometric skills testing is about assessing soft skills – communication, collaboration, critical thinking, etc.

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