Ways to Live Longer

Ways to Live Longer
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Who does not want to live long? Well, except for people who have a phobia or an unreasonable fear of seeing themselves grow old, most of us pretty much want a longer shot at life. That could be for a variety of reasons. Some may want to have more productive years to do the things that they won’t like traveling the world or completing a DIY project. Some also simply wants more years in life so they can spend it with the people that they love. The general consensus wherever you may find yourself on this planet is that no one wants to die prematurely.

It is normal for people to want longevity. It is embedded in our instinctual drives to lean towards self-preservation. The human body has built-in reflexes that we cannot control but are essential in keeping us alive. For example, your epiglottis closes involuntarily every time you swallow. This reflex prevents you from getting food particles into your windpipe; otherwise you would have already choked to death by now.

If you have decided that you do want to live longer, the next question you ask is, “How?”. With a life expectancy of fewer than 80 years on average and maybe even much lower if you are a man, the dream of a long, meaningful life begins to sound like “If I win the lottery”.

The first key to having a longer life is by investing in your own health. You can do that by focusing on the big two: diet and exercise. Exercise helps our body keep a healthy weight, which crosses you out from being a potential candidate for countless diseases that could shorten your life.

Make smarter choices daily. Make those that help you become more active. Buying a 1000 watt ebike may be impulsive for some, but it is actually a good investment considering the money you save and the number of health benefits you get out of being more active.

Diet is the second half of this equation. Eating a balanced diet is easier said than done. To get yourself on track in managing your diet to become much healthier, you must first begin by assessing what you currently have. It is easier to decide what is right when you know which dietary choices you are currently making are wrong.

Diet and exercise are the two main lifestyle factors that you need to invest in if you want to extend your lifespan.

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