Wellness Guidelines for Single Residents during a Pandemic – By Martin Polanco 

Wellness Guidelines for Single Residents during a Pandemic - By Martin Polanco

COVID-19 has affected different sections of society in different ways, but the suffering is universal. Even the people who aren’t affected by the virus suffer from stress, anxiety, and constant fear. In the beginning, many people had traveled back to their native lands to stay with their parents. However, many couldn’t do that and are waiting by themselves. These single residents often get exposed to more pandemic fear and anxiety than others. It is necessary for the solo residents to up their care level and ensure that they stay safe and feel secure.

Martin Polanco suggests useful tactics. 

It is necessary for all to up their level of fitness, agility, and immunity to stay safe by circulating their energy. That being said, single residents need to ensure that they feel emotionally stable. The following guidelines by Martin Polanco can help.

Keep the helpline numbers handy

If you are staying by yourself, you need to get concerned about your security! Keeping a safe distance and maintaining the social distancing rules is not enough. It would be best if you got prepared for any emergency that can occur. This means you need to keep all the emergency help and hospital numbers handy so that you can dial and ask for help if you need it.

Stay connected to friends

When you have to manage everything on your own, you might feel left out and lonely. This can affect you emotionally. It is a good idea to stay connected to your friends and other family members through phone and video chat. Making space in your schedule for this will help you realize that you are not alone.

Keep the house clean and germ-free

It would be best if you cared for your health as you can’t depend on anyone else. If you want, you can assign someone as your domestic helper to assist you with daily errands. Additionally, you need to keep your house clean and germ-free. Keep your sanitizer outside the door so that people sanitize themselves before they walk into your home. Staying safe by maintaining the social distance protocol is essential.

Be minimalistic 

Since you are the only one you can count on for your health and wellness, it is essential to get minimalistic. That means, when it comes to food, cook only that much that you can consume so that there is no food wastage. It will help you to plan better for yourself.

Watch motivational videos

Currently, many people are losing their faith because of the mass spread of the virus. You need to stay hopeful and have confidence in the almighty that a superior force is protecting you. It is necessary that you think positive thoughts, listen to and watch motivational videos. This will help you feel latched onto your faith.

These are how single residents can stay peaceful and secure from the mass fear and paranoia.


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