What Are Podcasts? How To Become A Podcaster? Know More!!

Many of us must have come across the word- Podcast. Might be, we never tried to reach out to the platforms but always be intrigued to know what are podcasts.

In the past, radio was the only platform that was exclusively an only audio medium. But, with the advent of television, radio listeners moved to television. It is the characteristic of technology, the advance it gets, it is replaced. With the progress of time, podcasts has become a new medium exclusively dedicated to audio. Is it a new radio? No. It is different. Unlike radio, it is a non-music platform that can be consumed with the help of the Internet. The concern over language barrier has also been diminished as there are many platforms that only do not cater to English audiences but also they provide Hindi Podcasts.

What are the Podcasts?

Podcasts are the audio recording of talks, discussions or any other format.  It can be put as, Podcast is an audio show either episodic series of a show or a single episode which can be downloaded from the Internet and listened on any digital device. Podcasts are available in many languages. For Indian listeners, podcasts in Hindi, English and other Indian vernacular languages are also present. 

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting comes from two words, ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcasting’. Podcasting is a free service that allows an Internet user to download the file in the mp3 file first format from a website that facilitates the services of podcasts. A user can listen to the podcast on their computers or any other digital audio player.

 Key Features of Podcasts and Podcasting- 

  1. You can listen to them anywhere and anytime.
  2. Podcasts are rich in content. The content is research that helps in informing and educating others.
  3. Podcasts can be produced by anyone in any language. From an Indian Vernacular language to any Widely spoken language in the world.
  4. Podcasts are a medium that can vary in frequency, daily to monthly. There is not any standardized length of the podcast. The run time can range from a five minute snippet to an hour long episode.
  5. Podcasting is easy and inexpensive. With the increasing Internet penetration and availability of open softwares, Podcasting is democratized among the masses. 

How can you start your journey as a Podcaster?

  1. Deciding the 3 Ws
  • Before you start production for the podcasts. You must be clear about 3 Ws in your mind. 
  • These Ws are- Why, What and for Whom.
  • Why- 
  • You must set the goal ‘Why’ are you making this podcast? Is it for freelancing? A business? If your intent is to produce podcasts for others then you must understand the nature of the company.What are their products? How do they work ? and etc.
  • If you are opting for podcasts, just from a hobby perspective. Then, you need to schedule the timings or hours you are ready to dedicate to this hobby.
  • It is important to find the reason about Why you are doing it. This will help you keep motivated for a long time.
  • What?
  • At this step, you must research what your podcast will be about.
  • If you want this for your company or for the company where you work for, then the content will generally revolve around their services and related benefits. For example- a gym personnel wants to build customers via podcasts then the content of the podcast would revolve around the benefits of gyming, what food will keep you building muscles etc. And, if you are doing it as a hobby, then you have an array of topics to select from. You can talk about cinema, politics to business. 
  • For Whom?
    • Here, you have to think about the audiences. What demography and geography will you be covering? Who your customers or listeners will be?

     2.  Deciding the name

  • At this step, you will think of the name of your podcast. The podcast can be descriptive, giving a clue what your podcast is about or can be on your name.

     3.  Plan your episodes

  • At this step, you must decide the narration of the audio, how long an episode of a podcast will run. Will it be a series of episodes of twenty minutes each or a single podcast of two hours.

      4. How often can you release new episodes?

  • It depends on the purpose of your podcasting, whether you can release an episode once or twice a week or a month.

      5. Choose attractive and catchy titles for your episode

  • You have to name your episodes of your podcast series. It should be relevant, catchy and must give a clue about the episode.

      6. Choose the format of the podcast

  • You must think of how you are going to execute the idea of your content. Will it be a solo show, co-hosted show or an interview show. Other formats include-  docudrama, roundtable discussion or drama.

     6. Script it now!

  • Now, you have done with the primary stage of brain-storming. Now, you must write the script of the podcast.

      7. And, now it is the time to Record!

  • At this step, you record your voice with the help of a microphone either in your mobile or directly into the audio editing software. You can plug your USB microphone in your computer and record. 

      8. Edit with the Softwares

  • You can edit the audio with the open softwares like Audacity. If you have Adobe Suite, then you can use the Adobe Audition software for your editing. 

       9. Publish it!

  • Once you are done with scripting, recording and editing.When the final outcome is ready, you can either submit it to the websites that host podcasts. 
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