What are the best SEO plugins for WordPress?

Many people are getting overwhelmed by the number of options available on the web for improving their site rank. Everyday new tools are created keeping the requirements and demands of people. People are using many tools and techniques to improve their SEO efforts for WordPress.

However, how often should you change the tools, it can be an intimidating task for handling so many tools for your site. For that reason, here I have listed some of the best SEO plugins. I hope the information in this article will help you to improve your site ranking and meet your optimization requirements.

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Everyone who starts with the SEO knows about the Yoast SEO plugin. As it is one of the most popular plugins, we will know about it in more detail along with the other six popular plugins listed below.

  • SEOPress
  • All in One SEO
  • Google Search Console
  • SEOQuake
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword In

Before you read in detail about the SEO plugins that I have listed above, take look at site123 review which is one of the best website builders.  It will help you to create different types of websites in less time. Now let’s dive into the SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, Yoast SEO plugin can provide you many essential features you need. It is one of the best SEO plugins available for WordPress sites.

From content optimization to generating XML Sitemap, Yoast SEO offers the following features.

  • The content optimization feature enables you to add titles, check on-page SEO requirements, etc.
  • It optimizes your pages, blog posts, images, etc.
  • It generates XML Sitemap for your web content which helps Google crawlers to find your content from the database.

Although it offers all the features, you should not totally rely upon Yoast SEO only. You need other SEO tools for different purposes.


It’s a simple SEO plugin but offers many powerful features that you need for your site. The setup is easy so suitable for beginners and provides advanced control for experts. With a good ranking among the SEO plugins, it provides the following features:

  • Content optimization with title, meta tag, and content body.
  • It also generates XML sitemaps for text and images.
  • It also supports many other add-ons from the WordPress database.

More importantly, it stands out from all the SEO plugins for its cheap price. Additionally, it is the best alternative for the top SEO plugins.

All in One SEO Pack

As the name suggests, it offers almost every feature you need to improve your SEO effort. Here are some of the tools and features that All in One SEO Pack offers for your WordPress Site.

  • It provides content optimization features such as adding SEO titles, meta tag descriptions, etc.
  • It automatically creates XML and image sitemaps.
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce for your eCommerce site.

It is the best alternative for Yoast SEO and it also provides many additional features that you will not find in Yoast SEO.

Google Search Console

Although Google Search Console does not offer more advanced features for SEO. But this free tool offered by Google can help you manage your site’s presence in the search results.

It alerts you for the errors on your site and helps you to fix the errors. Moreover, the tool helps you to identify the keywords which are performing well in your site. Along with that, it provides analytics for your keyword so you can see how your content is performing on the web.


It’s an SEO extension that you can add to your browser which allows you to show on-page SEO data. With a quick overview of the data, you can understand the performance of your site. Here are some of the features you will get from SEO Quake.

  • It not only gives you the data for your site, you can get these data for other sites as well. So it helps you to see how your competitor is performing.
  • SEO Quake gives you information about the internal as well as external links.
  • You can compare different URLs easily.
  • The data can be used for future reference.

This free SEO tool helps you to improve your performance. Whether you are a beginner or expert, you will need this tool for analysing your performance.

Google Keyword Planner

When you are looking for keyword research, then you must try Google Keyword Planner. As we all know that Google has more insight than any tools available for search-related tools, so its keyword planner is a must.

More importantly, the tool is free and provides extensive features such as search volume, difficulty level, and search results. It’s one of the best free tools available for bloggers, content marketers, and digital marketers.

Keyword In

You will need a keyword research tool or keyword planner for your site. This gives you an extensive list of keywords. You may get the list of keywords by research, but you can easily get them using this tool.

If you are starting out with keyword research, use this tool as it is free to use. More importantly, it is the best alternative for Google Keyword Planner.

In this digital age, most famous entrepreneurs have become successful by running an online business. If you want to start your own, then you will need a website for that, so start building your site today.


The above list of SEO plugins will improve your site rank and page traffic. Now, what are you waiting for? Select your favourite plugins and get your SEO requirements done with these tools.

Using these tools may not show quick results and show your site on the first page of the search results, but you will definitely improve your site performance in the long run. However, if you are using any SEO tool that has worked well for you, don’t hesitate to share it in the comment section. Finally, don’t forget to share your views on this post and ask your queries.

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