What are Typical Water Damage Cleanup Costs?

What are Typical Water Damage Cleanup Costs

Restoration of water damage requires removing water from within a building and repairing any damage caused by prolonged exposure. In water damage repair, two different projects are involved: first, the retrieval and cleaning of water, followed by basic repairs to structure features, such as the ceiling, walls, roof, and flooring. Sadly, the chances for water to ruin your property are infinite. But What are typical water damage cleanup costs? That is a question that can only be resolved if there are many variables in place.

Amount of Water damage

What has been damaged? This is a significant aspect in evaluating the fee of restoring water damage. Are you only facing some issues due to moisture? This problem is not that troublesome; it can be easy and less costly to dry out the area if there is some moisture. Compared with significant water damage, it is not that expensive. However, your drywall will need to be replaced if it has been damaged severely, costing you a lot more bucks.

  • The Field Size

Of course, the scale of the impacted area may play a vital role in the repair of water damage and the costs that come with it. The cost of fixing damage from a slight leak in your bathroom would not be the same as a completely flooded basement.

  • Extra Repair Work

You may have to take into account some added repair work. Does it involve the removal and replacement of drywall? Ripped up and substituted flooring? Did you see any possibility for the mold to expand, and do you require mold remediation? All these new problems add to the overall cost of the repair of water damage.

Water Damage Repair Cost by Area

Various areas of your place can need water damage recovery. In these areas, the reconstruction work varies along with project expenses. Water damage repair cost by area is explained as:

  1. Cost of Fixing Roof Water Damage

The roof may be weakened after a storm or natural disaster, requiring repair to the shingles or flashings. You should know that you may have to pay around $700 on average to substitute shingles on a 500 sq. ft. damaged roof area. Although, the water damage restoration cost per square foot for roof can vary, depending on the type of the work.

Price of Bathroom Leak Repair

In upper floor bathrooms, cracked fixtures and tubs, or overflowing toilets may leak through the flooring and spoil the ceiling below. Ceiling leak repair costs about $200 for a drywall or sheetrock region of 10’x10′.

Kitchen Water Damage Repair

Kitchen water damage may mean the spoiling of the flooring and wall in the kitchen. Drywall costs around $45-$55 per sheet replaced, while repairs to plaster wall damage average $200 for a 4 sq. area ft.

Repair Cost for Flooded Laundry Room

Water damage can also hamper your laundry room. If it gets flooded, the electrical systems can get impaired. So, the laundry rooms can require the replacement of a washer and dryer in such a situation. You may have to pay from $1,100 to $2,500 on average for a regular washer and dryer.

Cost of Basement Flooding Reparation

A common form of service required when water damage has occurred in the basement or crawl space is mold remediation. You can spend about $1,000 on average in order to get a specialist to remove mold from the basement. Plumbing problems can also need to be fixed and they can cost you about $750, such as a water main break. Hence, the basement flood damage repair costs are really high.

Family Rooms Repair Cost

Depending on how the damage occurred, other rooms in your home can require new doors and windows in addition to ceiling leak repairs and flooring repairs. For example, heavy rainfall or storms can cause doors and windows to break or shatter. Replacement of windows can cost around $550-$1,000 on average, while replacement of doors averages around $450.

Water Damage Restoration Cost by Class

Experts in water damage restoration will typically categorize the forms of damage into three groups and water damage restoration cost depends on this. The extent of the work determines what group it falls under.

  • Jobs in Class 1 are those that impact just a small area of the house. Structural elements such as walls and floors retain the least amount of humidity. An instance would be an overflowing toilet with a cost of $75 to $125 in the bathroom.
  • A Class 2 job in a larger area with a medium rate of evaporation will be a water cleanup project. This may perhaps mean a complete kitchen with a broken wood floor system and can result in $200 to $300 repair fees.
  • For advanced water damage repairs with accessibility issues, a Class 3 job is reserved. A stormwater flood of a wooden enclosure, for instance, falls into this class with costs of around $2,000 or more.


Different kinds of cost factors play a significant role in how much it would cost your home to repair any water damage. The dimensions and position of the damage are a determinant of how much you are going to pay for repair services. In this article, you found different factors of water damage repair and different estimations. However, in reality, repair costs may vary a little.


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