What Can I Do If I have a Tooth Knocked Out?

Knocking out a tooth is a medical emergency. When an adult tooth is knocked out, consider putting it back in place and go to a dentist immediately. Don’t try reinserting the baby tooth – carry your baby to a dentist right away. Place an adult tooth in the milk and contact your regular dentistry if you cannot reposition it. You should see a dentist right away or go to an emergency dental clinic. If you have no daily dentist, call the NHS 24 ‘111’ to advise where the emergency treatment needs to take place.

It would help if you appointed a dentist to fill the tooth or to smooth it. If the tooth is just chipped, this is not an emergency and can wait for the opening of the dental procedure. Search the closest dentist. Here’s what an emergency dentist will do during this problem:

You should if you knock out a tooth

  1. Check for the tooth
  2. Hold the crown by it (the white bit that sticks out of the gum)
  3. Clean your tooth, if dirty, or rinse in water.
  4. Return it (adult teeth only never re-insert a tooth for the infant (see below)
  5. Place your tooth in a handkerchief.
  6. Go to an emergency dentist
  7. Put your tooth in milk and see a dentist right away if you can’t put it back in place.
  8. The earlier it reimplants a knocked-out tooth, the more likely it will reimplant itself.

You should not attempt to reimplant the dental tooth of your child if it is knocking out, as you will damage the adult tooth that develops below it. Take your child straight away to see a dentist.

At the odds

The dentist can check whether you put your tooth in its right place by looking at your tooth and taking an x-ray. You will split it on either side of your teeth to keep it for two weeks. Splinting is a method which attaches the tooth temporarily to hold it in place.

The dentist would stutter the affected region and reposition its tooth if you put the tooth into milk and went straight to the dentist. You can see if it’s in the right place by using an X-ray for two weeks before separating it on either side of the teeth.

If your tooth is not found, one of the following will fill the room:

Prothesis – a removable cloth tooth to be washed

Bridge – a unique adhesive is used to glue a false tooth on either side of the teeth

Implant- a titanium screw is inserted in the jaw bone, and a mould is taken after a couple of months to create a fake tooth.

The NHS can be used for any of the above treatments. Learn more on dental procedures of various kinds.

A tooth, bridge or implant will enhance your smile’s appearance and restore confidence. It is not just missing teeth that need to be replaced – there is a difference between specific individuals. Speak about your choices to your dentist to help you determine what you want.

A tooth is broken or truncated

When your tooth is missing, try locating the fragment and holding it in milk, and see a dentist during working hours as soon as possible. The dentist will stick the piece to the tooth.

End Words

Don’t be concerned if the fragment is not identified, and your dentist will build up your tooth by using tooth-coloured filling material. If the back tooth is damaged, a crown or a filling may be required (also known as a cap).

If the tooth is badly broken and the nerves are exposed, it may be a little sensitive and may even need root canal treatment. This involves removing the nerve and placing a root filling.

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