What Food Goes Best with Beer?

What Food Goes Best with Beer

Australia is the world’s 6th largest country, with a population of 26 million. It is made of the Australian continent, Tasmanian Island and other smaller islands.

The country’s capital is Canberra with Sydney as its largest city. Additionally, Australia has four main metropolitan areas: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth.

Australia is a wealthy country, and its economy is the 14th largest in the world and the 10th highest per capita income. It is getting most of its income from different sources, such as telecommunications, mining-related exports, manufacturing, international education, and banking.

The culinary world recognizes Australia for its fusion food, thanks to its strong history of migration that built its nation. Moreover, Australians are known for their love of beer. They drink more beer than anyone else in the world.

A little tip in between. Drinking beer with high alcohol content in large quantities can present you with a nasty hangover the next morning. But all those beer lovers have the alternative of mid-strength beer which only contains 2.8 to 3.8% of alcohol content. So, you can have that extra gulp without worrying about the hangover. With that in mind, if you are in a restaurant, you might want to enjoy a pint of the favourite mid-strength beer in Australia.

Beer has always been a great match for any food due to its flavour complexity. It provides refreshment and interacts with many flavours of food. It is great before meals as it can turn your appetite on.

However, there are types of food that taste better when matched with your favourite beer. Make sure you’ll have the following dishes the next time you get some beer.

Cheese, Pizza, Sandwiches

Normally, we pair cheese with wine. However, most cheese lovers are not aware that beer goes fantastic with cheese! Wine covers up some of the flavours from cheese. On the other hand, the beer’s carbonation can remove the fats of cheese from the palate, creating a lighter acidity.

Regardless of whether it is pure cheese, sandwich, pizza, or whatever cheese dish it is, any beer would be a great companion.

Seafood, Chicken, Pasta

You can Buy hard chicken , salads, fish, or pasta, which are best with beer. However, you don’t want your beer to overpower their taste. Therefore, it’s good to choose a mid-strength to light beer for these dishes.

Fried Foods and Fries

Generally, fries have this light flavour profile that makes it perfect with beer. So, if you are going to eat any salty fried foods, like fries, always ask for a beer as it can cleanse your taste buds while retaining the salty flavour and enhancing the taste of your food.

Roasted Meats, Burgers, and Steaks

Steaks are also known to be the best pair for red wines. However, beers can balance the taste of larger meats. The secret is to find a beer that matches the meat. You need to balance the aromatic bitter hops and sweet malt.

Spicy Food

Any spicy dishes, such as buffalo wings, Szechuan Chicken, spicy Thai, and Mexican food go best with lagers or anything with hops, cutting down the spicy taste in food. Lagers work like milk when you are eating spicy dishes. The flavour of hops goes through the spiciness in peppers and chillies, enhancing the flavour of the beer without coating your tongue.

These are some of the dishes that go very well with the brew. So, the next time you are planning to chug a pint of mid-strength beer in Australia, remember some of these dishes that are surely available anywhere in the country.

You can also try other dishes to find out more food and beer combinations. After all, Australia’s flavours are so diverse. There’s no doubt you can find tons of food to pair with your favourite beer.

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