What Good Deeds Should You Be Doing This Festive Season?

Though Christmas is often thought of as a time to give and receive gifts, not everyone is as fortunate to be in such a privileged position. We should aim to give back all year round, but it is particularly important during the winter months. 

Christmas is an especially difficult time for rough sleepers as they are even more cold than usual and are more susceptible to winter illnesses. Similarly, many vulnerable people find themselves feeling lonely over the festive season as they have no one to celebrate with. Everyone should be surrounded by love over the Christmas period, and you can take steps to make this happen. 

Donate to Charity

One way that you can make a difference this year is by donating to charity. Over the festive season, you will find more and more charity buckets appearing that you can throw your loose change into that you would otherwise forget about. 

Though Christmas was originally a Christian festival, it has since been linked with goodwill as a whole, regardless of religious beliefs. Despite this, religion is a driving factor for many charitable donations, such as Zakat calculation within the Muslim faith. Whatever motivates you, charitable donations will make a huge difference in a struggling person’s life. 

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Soup kitchens are in operation all year round, but they are particularly common during the winter months due to the greater need for a hot meal. Not only do soup kitchens provide the needy with a nutritious, warming meal, but they also create a space that otherwise lonely people can use to eat with one another. 

Donate Toys

For millions of children across the globe, the holidays are all about opening new and exciting toys on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning. However, some children are not quite as lucky and go without as their families can barely afford to buy food, let alone expensive toys. The widespread belief that Santa brings presents to the good children means that millions of children are left worrying that they were bad and don’t deserve presents. Donations of toys will bring a vulnerable child hope this Christmas and show them that they have been good this year.

Throw a Fundraiser

December is typically referred to as party season due to the ongoing celebrations and events. You can take advantage of this by organizing a fundraiser and giving everyone a chance to dress up and party. Fundraising comes in many forms from parties to bake sales to sponsored activities. There is no one way to fundraise and no matter how much you raise, a positive impact will be made. 

Organize a Reverse Advent Calendar

Though we often associate advent calendars with 24 little doors with chocolate hidden behind them, a reverse advent calendar allows us to help those in need. You can fill a wrapped box with non-perishable food goods, hygiene products, toiletries, clothes, and other necessities. This can then be donated to people in need and make their Christmas a bit more manageable. 

Christmas Jumper Day

Workplaces and schools will often host a Christmas jumper day, wherein everyone wears a Christmas jumper and donates money to charity. This is a simple way to bring festive generosity into the school or workplace. 

Invite Someone Lonely to Dinner

Christmas dinner is more than just a meal; it’s an opportunity to bring an entire family around a table. Some people are left without family and end up dining alone, if at all. If you know of a lonely or elderly neighbor, invite them over for Christmas dinner; this will make their Christmas one to remember. 

Every small deed helps, make a change this holiday season. 

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