What Happened To Lia Marie Johnson? All About The Singer’s ‘disturbing’ Online Presence

Lia Marie Johnson

One of the questions most asked by most of her fans is what happened to Lia Marie Johnson. The drug addiction of the singer has recently made a number of headlines.

Info about Lia Marie Johnson

The American actor and singer are Lia Marie Johnson. After being in the web series Kids react, which won an Emmy Award, the actor received a lot of recognition. The fourth single album Moonflower was launched by Lia Marie Johnson on 23 November 2019. Despite her social media presence, the artist was late producing names. She often watches live social media streams. 

The Stardom –

In 2012 Lia Marie Johnson’s personal YouTube channel received 16 million views. By 2017, Lia’s YouTube channel has over 117 million views and now has more than 1.7 million subscriber views, followed by 1.5 million followers for its Instagram account. In 2014, she was called one of the “10 largest young stars on YouTube, one of the” 10 biggest young stars on YouTube”.  Her online participation even led the Fine Bros to improve her in 2014 with Teens React to YouTubers React and feature her on YouTube MyMusic’s first transmedia sitcom. Transmedia history on various media outlets and formats reveals a single narrative.

Viewers also commended John’s online personality, and AdWeek even featured it in a March 2014 article entitled “The Meeting 12 for the Biggest Young Stars on YouTube.”

Lia Marie Johnson, what happened?

After her YouTube video Lia Marie Johnson-Champagne(Audio), Lia Marie Johnson was not active on social media for a long time. The actor then made an internet return on May 8, 2019, with a live stream. Her fans noticed different behaviors and were assuming she was high on drugs.

Lia decided to answer her fans, and the singer said she wasn’t high on anything on her live stream on 9 May 2019. She added it was simply that she had to leave her boyfriend and that, instead of her boyfriend, she had to go along with other ‘drugs.’ Fans watched Lia Marie Johnson open a pill bottle in the same live stream. Then she kept wandering over her drugs.

Lia Marie Johnson scared off her fans recently when the singer wanted to make a live stream on Instagram when she was stoned. The singer was seen crying and talking about a lady who comes to her and walks through her every day. It was seen she was repeating the same expression again and again.

More live streams that were done by Lia recently –

After that, Lia Marie Johnson’s several live streams made her fans worry about the Lia Marie Johnson event. Later, on the 31st January 2020, Lia Marie Johnson so frightened her fans that some fans even called the police through her live stream. In her live stream, Lia Marie Johnson even saw a man kissing. The same man was heard later on in the video asking Johnson not to go live or to influence his work.

Afterward, Lia Marie Johnson uploaded another live video to warn the police and insulted her fans. Lia said she was also willing to be left alone. By the age of 12, though, Lia became famous in Hollywood when she was 15. The 24-year-old now regains her recognition again, but in a negative way since her live streams are often seen after her drugs or alcohol use.

However, Lia Marie Johnson’s Instagram is the only source of her online presence for just a short period. No one knows where Lia Marie Johnson is now;

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