What is a bidet toilet seat and how does it work?

In this review is a smart toilet seat. 

Usually, there is always an instruction manual included, an electric seat with an electric plug that protects against short circuits, a special filter and a rubber hose in the braid that are connected to the water system. There is also usually a set of clips and fasteners for installation. Under the bezel is a sensor sensor to activate the function. For gentle lowering, there are upper and lower lid closers.

The device is controlled by a waterproof remote control. Usually, the remote control has control of all functions of the toilet and bidet:

  • bidet activation
  • feminine hygiene function
  • water regulation
  • mandatory key to deactivate all functions
  • seat heater
  • water heating
  • contrast massage
  • night lighting

By the way, the backlight is designed not only for lighting. It disinfects the toilet and the bidet with ultraviolet.

The seat usually has a very easy connection, which everyone can handle. You insert the hose, put the clamp on it and it’s done! The filter is connected in the same way. The manufacturers recommend changing it once a year. The installation is universal and will fit any toilet except for the very exotic ones. Then on this frame we install the seat with the lid.  If necessary, it can be easily removed and washed. Unscrew the hose that goes to the tank, and in its place we put the filter. Screw the cistern hose to the filter. The cleaning mechanism is activated when the tank is switched on.

As long as the sensor does not see a person, the buttons are not active, except for the backlight and seat temperature adjustment, which have 4 heating modes. Water heating, which also has 4 modes to adjust the nozzle position and water head strength. If I close the sensor with my hand, the water will run until you press the stop button or stand off the sensor. When everything is done the system washes the nozzles and crawls home under the lid. The working temperature of the seat is from plus 4 to + 40 degrees. 

You don’t have to worry about water getting on the seat or the remote control.

Some people prefer paper for hygiene, while others prefer the bidet toilet seat

Many models also have a headphone jack and bluetooth. It is possible to connect to the applications to collect statistics on going to the toilet, as well as listen to music. In this bidet toilet seat is no different from a full smart toilet

By the way, in Japan there are toilet bowls, which immediately make analyses, but this is another story.

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