What is an explainer video?

An explainer video helps you to briefly describe your idea in a visual way. The essence of the project is to keep the idea simple and concise, as well as attractive and entertaining. This can be a simplified explanation of a complex concept for users who are not experts in any field. Explainer video is used by many people in business and education, as well as individual users on YouTube.

The big advantage of an explainer video is that it can let you create something professional quickly and easily. Making an explainer video that looks great is pretty inexpensive. You can use various templates and constructors for this, such as Explain.ninja. Also, explainer video production can include all stages of filming and editing if you want to design everything from scratch.

The structure of the explanatory videos

To make the content easier for users to perceive, training videos have a special form and presentation. The following tips can help you engage your audience better:

  • Skip to the main issue without a long introduction;
  • Focus on the most difficult part of the product, on what usually raises the most questions;
  • Offer the simplest solution to the problem;
  • Show how your product or service can quickly and easily solve a user’s problem.

5 great explainer video examples

In this kind of video, the budget and the availability of a professional operator do not matter. What matters is how you use your marketing tools. A competent presentation and marketing strategy, as well as striking special effects will do all the work. Here are some examples of such videos with millions of views:

  1. Dollar Shave Club. The company offers shaving products. The product is so simple that there is nothing to tell about it, all that remains is to joke.
  2. The Snagashift mobile application demonstrates its functionality on the video. Thus, the audience seems to be invited to a private party for the elite.
  3. Online recruiting platform Snagajob has incorporated all the functionality of the new mobile application into a series of screenshots. Potential users saw that it was convenient, and at the same time learned how to use the new tool.
  4. The Spotify video consists of intense background music and vivid subtitles. In a few lines of text, the company fit the main advantages of the application.
  5. iScout uses the psychological effect of color on people. There is a problem in the beginning and the colors are dull. Once you start solving a problem with their software, the colors become saturated and intense. So clearly you can see how much the quality of your life has improved with this product.

How to make an explainer video?

The process can be started from the very beginning using a professional video camera, operator and presenter. But modern templates are so great that you can avoid this waste of time and money. The result will be good anyway. You can insert video or screenshots from your PC or smartphone into templates.

Recording the voice-overs

If you are recording live video, then you can keep the original sound. For example, if you are recording a quick guide to using a computer program, you can comment on what is happening on the screen in parallel. If you already have a finished recording of the voice accompaniment, then you can simply overlay it on top of the video.

Music & sound effects

In order for the video clip to catch your attention better and be more memorable, we recommend overlaying a music track on top. This can be done in certain parts of the video that are relevant in meaning, or throughout the entire clip. Music can be changed, made louder or quieter. Overlaid music can completely overlap the original sound or leave it audible. Various sound effects help draw attention to specific points in the video:

  • Clicks;
  • Explosions;
  • Sound of broken glass;
  • Chirping of a cricket.

This and much more can be selected in ready-made templates. It is also possible to attach any third-party sounds.


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