What Is an Ultrasonic Humidifier?

A humidifier is a device that makes the air in your home more comfortable by offering a good level of moisture for dry skin, sore throat, etc. 

Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ultrasonic Humidifier is a device that uses a high-frequency diaphragm to produce a smooth mist of water, which is expelled out to add moisture in your home.

Depending on the type of model you choose, there can be both cool and warm mist ultrasonic humidifiers. You can check HomeDust For Awesome collection of Ultrasonic Humidifier Reviews. 

So, if you are looking for a humidifier that suits both summer and winter seasons, then you must pick the ultrasonic humidifier with variable settings.

These humidifiers do not consume a lot of electricity, which means that you do not get a bomb on your power bill. The unique working process of ultrasonic humidifiers is what it makes more popular.

How Does an Ultrasonic Humidifier Work?

The piezoelectric transducer present in the ultrasonic humidifier is immersed in the water bed. This transducer converts the electric signals into a mechanical oscillation of high frequency.

This high-frequency oscillation converts the water particles into smaller ones, finally converting them into fine air bubbles. These tiny droplets are finally dissipated into the room and mix with the air.

The appearance of Ultrasonic Humidifier

Most of the popular ultrasonic humidifiers have a teardrop shape with a mist hole present at the top of the device. While in some models, you can insert a water bottle, whereas, for other models, there are fillable tanks.

Some other features available in the latest ultrasonic humidifiers are USB power, LED lights/ indicators, built-in clock display, and aromatherapy.

Repair and Maintenance

When operating an ultrasonic humidifier, the only issue one might face is with the maintenance it requires to keep the device fully functional. A lot of greyish dust accumulates around the ultrasonic humidifier when the device is operating.

So, it is recommended to have an onboarded filter pack to collect the grey dust. Otherwise, the collected greyish dust is released into the air, which lands on all the appliances and furniture present in your room.

Also, the harder the water present in your home, the more chances of greyish dust getting collected in your device. To avoid that, either use water from an RO purifier or use distilled water.

On the other hand, to avoid such pricey options, the best way is to buy a decalcification filter (available with certain ultrasonic humidifier models). In case if your ultrasonic humidifier does not have an option to add a filter, the best way is to run it in a low mode so that the amount of dust to clean will be less.


Most people love to have a humidifier that is silent while operating. If you are one such person, then an ultrasonic humidifier is the right option. As other types of humidifier come with a fan, they add noise while operating, while ultrasonic humidifiers do not have any fan, so there is no chance of noise.

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