What is the best crypto exchange?

If you want to exchange rare crypto coins for such rare ones, you will have to register on the exchange. Trading cryptocurrency exchanges add an average of 180-200 cryptocurrency pairs to the listing (including fiat money trading). But if you don’t want to wait or verify your account, you can use the help of a crypto exchanger. But which service offers COS to MCO conversion? We’ll tell you!

A minute of cryptocurrency literacy

Contentos is a blockchain protocol that forms the foundation for a decentralized digital data ecosystem. We are talking about photos and videos. All members of the community, including creators, consumers and advertisers, receive commissions for their contributions to the development of the network. Contentos also intends to establish itself as the future Ethereum of digital content by adopting the DApps format. The network members receive the reward in the original COS tokens.

Monaco (MCO) is a full-fledged platform with wide functionality for operating various cryptographic assets. Monaco (MCO) is represented by a crypto card with tokens. The card can be used by holders of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins, as well as by holders of foreign currencies.

General concept

The crypto exchanger allows you to convert available cryptocurrencies for exchange into fiat funds with later withdrawal to a bank card, which is important for most entrepreneurs, especially those countries in which cryptocurrency is not yet legalized, to pay with it in all stores and with suppliers.

Finding the best online exchanger

To protect yourself from virtual scammers, follow a few simple rules. Remember that hackers can not only steal your cryptocurrency by taking over your wallet password. While on a fraudulent website, you might download a Trojan virus. This will allow a hacker to steal your bank card personal information and other important information.

Exchanger selection rules:

  • Choose a site that has been working for a long time (such as godex.io).
  • The more different cryptocurrencies there are in the arsenal of the service, the more reliable it is.
  • Collaborate with sites that offer users high limits. Large authorized capital is a guarantee of a serious attitude towards consumers.
  • Do not use services that offer a profitable rate.
  • Check in advance the amount of the commission charged by the service. Responsible sites take into account the commission when calculating the amount of the purchased cryptocurrency.

Usually, the transaction time is 10-15 minutes. In some exchangers, payments are instant.

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