What Is The Difference Between Dynamics 365 For Finance And Operations And Microsoft Dynamics AX?


Nowadays, more and more organizations use business software to manage the business activities securely. Even though, many organizations are looking for an upgrading technology to a new version in the software solutions to get accurate results. Making changes on the software system can be a little challenging. Are you using Dynamic AX ERP software solutions? Want to access its advance technology? Undoubtedly, Dynamic 365 is an advanced version and considers really a worth for your business activities! Dynamic AX is the best ERP software solutions for mid range and large organizations.

Dynamic AX is rich with business solutions that helps to manage business operations in the fields like finance, manufacturing, HR, and distribution. Dynamic AX releases its new version as Dynamic 365 in late 2016. Currently, every business is looking forward to use Dynamic 365 due to its advanced features and specifications. Later, Dynamic 365 is changed into Dynamic 365 for finance and operations software solutions. Dynamic AX is no longer use in the business market, because every business started to use its advanced version to manage the business activities much faster!!

Stay with the following article to know the difference between Dynamic 365 for finance and operations and Dynamic AX ERP software solutions!

Difference between Dynamic 365 and Dynamic AX!

The basic difference is that Dynamic 365 is cloud based software solution whereas Dynamic AX is desktop based software solution with handy components. The advance version of Dynamic AX offers great opportunity to access the business activities from anywhere without the addition of large components. In addition, Dynamic 365 provides end to end solution where you can integrate CRM technology to access the data.

Most importantly, Dynamic 365 is cloud based software and so it doesn’t take too much time to load the programs to access it. Simply with cloud based software, you are head in and access the business operations without any efforts. The new version of login method makes the process much easier and business can install this new version in any devices and run as long as the internet connection available!

Features and user-interface:

Dynamic 365 have sleek design that helps to enhance the user experience. In addition, business can customize the homepage with different themes, colors, and default start pages since the interface of Dynamic 365 is customizable. Being cloud based software Dynamic 365 has more integration and help you to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft software like Office 365 and Dynamics CRM!

In terms of reporting data, Dynamic 365 has improved business intelligence and helps you to access the analytical services and business data massively. With cloud based software, you no need to wait for a long to get new updates. It is because; new updates are available frequently and you need to click just away to install the new versions or upgrading versions.

Moreover, Dynamic 365 comes up with improved flexibility and get ready to utilize the business capabilities with this smart software solutions. Thus, Dynamic 365 is an advanced version of Dynamic AX. If you want to install the best and effective ERP software solution to manage finances and operations, undoubtedly Dynamic 365 is a way to go!!!




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