What should be your Wedding Checklist?

It is widely believed that your wedding is meant to be the most important day in your life. Therefore, you naturally want it to run seamlessly and plan the day to the minute. Depending on your preference, wedding planning can take anywhere from days to years but, either way, you need to establish what you want of your day. Once you have established this, you can get a checklist together to work through ahead of the big day.

Find and Book a Venue

Arguably, your venue is the most important component of your entire wedding and consequently is the most expensive. Despite this, your venue will play a huge factor in the outcome of your photos so naturally, you will want a picturesque scenery. When booking your venue, you will need to act fast as venues can be taken off the market two years ahead of the wedding date. Therefore, finding your venue should be the first thing that you do. 

Find a Registrar

Straightforwardly, your marriage will not be legal if there is no one to officiate it. Hence, finding a registrar will be your second port of call. Some registry offices won’t let you book a registrar more than a year ahead of the big day. Consequently, if you have found your venue 18 months in advance, you will need to book the registrar six months down the line. 

Book Caterers

Weddings are typically long days filled with champagne and your guests will need something to soak up the alcohol that they are consuming from multiple toasts. Usually, you will narrow down your menu choices to a couple of options for each course and these choices will be sent to the guests with their invitations. 

Send Invitations

You should send your invitations around three to six months prior to the big day to allow plenty of time for your guests to free up the date. They will need to include the date and location, as well as an RSVP address for responses to be sent to. Similarly, you might want to request dietary requirements within the RSVP.

Buy Your Dress

As a bride, the dress is one of the most important components of a wedding day. You will want to go on one or more wedding dress shopping trips so that you can actually try the dresses on. You will not want to order a dress online without at least trying something similar on, or you will be completely blind to what it will look like on you. It is also a good idea to wear nude, seamless underwear so that it does not affect the fit and shape of the dress. 

Find a Cakemaker

Cutting a cake at your wedding is a timeless tradition and if you want to follow this, you will need to find a cakemaker. You can find your cakemaker well in advance to discuss designs with. Despite this, you will not actually want to collect the cake from them until the day before the wedding at the earliest. This will ensure that the cake is as fresh as possible. 

Buy Your Rings

When buying your rings, it is important to remember that you will be wearing them every day for the rest of your lives, so choose wisely. Similarly, if you have an engagement ring, you will want to ensure that it does not clash with this. From extravagant rings for women to luxury men’s rings, you will want to browse a wide range to find the perfect rings for you and your partner. 

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. This is meant to be an enjoyable day and you should try not to get too stressed about it. 

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