What You Need To Know About The iPhone 12 Pro

The year 2020 is another good year for Apple. In the middle of the pandemic, the company was able to release a new line of iPhones. For this article, we’ll take a look at the iPhone 12 Pro.


The iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro basically look the same. Both phones are squarish and flat. Its boxy frame goes against the curvy direction that many Android phones are taking. The advantage is that the iPhone 12 Pro feels very solid. It’s like a single piece of material. In many ways, it will remind you of the iPhone 5. But what Apple wants to achieve most likely is for its users to have a sense of uniqueness and distinction. On the bad side, it makes older iPhones look outdated even if they’re not. But the squarish design offers a sense of stability. And it makes the phone look substantial.


The front portion of the iPhone 12 Pro is covered by a glass-ceramic hybrid called Ceramic Shield. According to Apple, it offers four times more drop protection than previous models. This is good news for people who tend to drop their phones a lot. The material is not only drop-resistant, it’s also scratch-resistant. The back is covered by the same glass material that you can find on the iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 Pro has a stainless steel frame that is, sadly, not as scratch-resistant as the front and back part of the phone. Some users have already reported seeing nicks and scratches on the frame of their phones.


The iPhone 12 Pro has an OLED display that is larger than its predecessor. Otherwise, it’s the same display. It has the same brightness and the same pixel density. This means that the iPhone 12 Pro has a very good display but with a 60Hz refresh rate, it’s behind almost all Android phones at the same price rate. If you’ve never handled a phone with a high refresh rate then you’ll most likely be fine with the display of the iPhone 12 Pro. But if you’ve used a phone with a 120Hz display, then you’ll know how far behind the iPhone 12’s display is.


When it came out, the iPhone 11 had the best camera. So if you have an iPhone 11, you probably won’t see much difference in the camera of the iPhone 12. But it does have some small improvements and it has kept the iPhone’s dominance over Android phones as far as camera performance is concerned. The iPhone 12 Pro’s main camera is slightly brighter than that of the iPhone 11. This means it will work better in low-light conditions. The new iPhone uses Apple’s Smart HDR 3 processor and it does help in producing better photos. Photos taken by the new iPhone have more contrast and are less grainy.

The verdict

The iPhone 12 Pro is definitely better than the excellent iPhone 11 but only by a small bit. But it is still worth the upgrade with its improved camera performance and better screen protection.

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