What Your SEO Agency Should Be Reporting On

What Your SEO Agency Should Be Reporting On

Going through search engine optimization processes alone can be challenging. Therefore, working with an SEO agency is an excellent idea. Experts in the best SEO companies in Philadelphia are among them. Since these agencies require paid services, companies should expect a lot from them. They should report on the results of the SEO campaign. These are the reports that small businesses need.

Traffic rate 

This refers to the number of people who saw the website. It’s a basic standard to determine if the campaign worked. It’s essential to have high traffic to increase the chances that people will purchase the products and services. It’s even better if the agency reports on the breakdown of the traffic. The marketing campaign will improve if it addresses the needs of the target audiences. It also gives the company the chance to know if the traffic came from the right people. For instance, if the business targets young people, traffic coming mostly from older demographics wouldn’t make sense. They are unlikely to patronize the brand.

Bounce rate

The business also needs to know the bounce rate. It indicates the number of people who opened the website and decided to leave. A high bounce rate is a bad sign. It implies that the website doesn’t offer anything interesting for the users. They left after realizing that there’s nothing in it for them. However, the bounce rate alone isn’t enough. The business should also get information on how long the users stayed on the page. There are times when the bounce rate is high, but only because the users visited the “contact us” page. There’s no need to stay long on this page since there’s not too much information available. After a few minutes, the user can leave satisfied.

Visited pages 

A website contains different pages. The agency needs to report which pages are the most popular. Each page plays a crucial role. The services page offers information about what the users can expect from the business. The “about us” page provides details on what the business stands for, and what it offers. Visiting each page will convince the users to buy. Therefore, if there are pages that didn’t receive sufficient traffic, they need improvement. The content might not be enough to convince the user to stay. The worst thing that can happen is if the products and services page didn’t attract enough attention. It’s the page where users can see details about what they’re going to buy and proceed to the next step. If they decided to leave, it means that they didn’t like the products and services. The presentation should change, including the web design.

Ranking for essential keywords

Ranking high on search engines isn’t easy. It’s even why small businesses have to work with experts like the best SEO companies in Philadelphia. They can execute different tactics to boost overall rankings. The company may also target different keywords at once. Therefore, it helps to receive a detailed report on the ranking of essential keywords. They show how effective the previous campaigns were. If the website doesn’t rank high enough, those strategies weren’t effective.

Conversion rate

Ultimately, the goal of search engine optimization is to increase the conversion rate. It refers to the number of visitors who decided to take the next step. They subscribed to the newsletter, signed up using their email, or purchased the products and services. If they’re already a part of the fold, it’s easier to reach out to them. It’s even better if they already decided to become customers. A high conversion rate is a sign of success. The business can also make more money if the visitors become customers. It shows that the marketing efforts worked. However, be careful in considering that the strategy failed if the conversion rate is low. Generally, conversion rates average between 1 to 3% depending on the company’s industry. It might be a small number, but it also depends on the number of visitors. If the traffic percentage is high, a conversion rate of 2% is already overwhelming.

The best SEO companies will provide an interpretation of the metrics

Apart from giving the reports, these agencies should also provide a clear interpretation. Not all small business owners understand the data. The agency should tell if the campaigns are working well or not. The best SEO companies in Philadelphia can guarantee these services. Deciding if the business will pursue the partnership with the agency is easy based on the progress report. They’re also open to questions regarding the services provided. Therefore, it’s a smooth process.

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