WhatsApp New Feature Update


As we all know that WhatsApp updates their app in some time for providing new features toits users. Users are also excited about taking the benefits of new features so that they can get more facilities

We have seen WhatsApp has launched a feature of dark web mode afew times ago. Now if we talk about the latest features then recently Facebook has also launched the feature of animated stickers, where a user can share animated stickers with other members.

Now WhatsApp has also launched this feature on its platform where users can send animated stickers to other members easily. This feature was launch for the iOS users then after some time, it was also launched, forAndroid users. Now users can also share animated stickers on 18 WhatsApp Groups  and can do funny chat with your contacts.

WhatsApp has also launched a feature of Scan QR code on their platform where a user doesn’t have to ask the contact number from any user, they can get it by just scanning the QR code of another WhatsApp user.

A user will get a code, they will get it by just tapping on their profile option. There, they will get a QR code. When someone scans on it, they will get the contact number of that user directly. Now they can save it easily without typing the whole number on the number pad. This is also a new feature, WhatsApp has launched a few times ago.

Video Calling is a very essential feature that everyone wants in today’s life and WhatsApp has already launched this feature. But many people had a complaint about the quality of the video calls.

That’s why now WhatsApp has improved the video quality so that users get more comfortable and they have also increased the number of users in WhatsApp video calls.

So that more people can get together. As Covid-19 had affected the whole world, that’s why this type of feature has a lot of importance. Now users can also do a video chat on a full screen with just a single tap.

Upcoming WhatsApp Updates

In la very few times, we will get to see two more big updates from WhatsApp. In the future, users will able to use WhatsApp on multiple devices, this type of feature is already available on Telegram.

This feature is in testing mode and we are expecting to launch in some time. As there is not any prescribed date given by WhatsApp for its release. We will able to get this feature in few days.

Another feature that we can see in the future is Self-destructing messages. In this feature, a message sent to any member will get deleted automatically in 24 hours.

It will work like a status, which gets deleted in 24 hours automatically. In the WhatsApp latest version, we can also get this amazing feature of getting messages deleted automatically.

Now there will not be any headache of deleting the chat, as it will disappear automatically in 24 hours.

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