Why are podcasts popular and how are they changing the world?


We, as the human race, have become intoxicated with the feeling of being productive. We want our minds and bodies occupied throughout the day or a feeling of dread sets in. When simply doing the dishes or driving to work starts to feel like a waste of time, the new trend of podcasts comes to the rescue. If you don’t know where to start, or you’re not sure how to find a genre of podcasts that interests you, a podcast summarising algorithm can help.

These allow a potential listener to quickly preview what the podcast talks about, and is an effective method of content discovery. After all, podcasts require active listening, unlike music. If you are going to want to listen to someone talk without supported visual stimulation, you’re going to have to be interested in what they’re saying, how they’re saying it, their voice, their sense of humor, and a lot more. 

Why have podcasts gained popularity?

As many difficulties as there are in finding the right genre of podcasts, the returns are equally satisfying. People have started to consume great amounts of information through podcasts. They’re a source of knowledge and amusement. All for the price of…?

Oh yes! Most podcasts are free of charge. They are a source of entertainment but are also used for news and intellectual discussions. It is a free form of media; in terms of finance, but also artistic creativity. 

Anyone with an audio recording device can make a podcast. Creators are free to choose the subject of their content. It’s the new YouTube, except that it allows listeners to multitask. Although podcasts have only gained major public attention within the last five years or so, the concept has been around since the 1980s under the name of “audio blogging”. 

The modes and styles of information exchange using technology continue to evolve. Smart bloggers continue to push the boundaries of what is called “podcasts” for the moment. 

So, why does that mean podcasts are a part of the future?

The spoken word adds a personal touch. Creators do not always sit down with a pre-written script. Instead, they speak spontaneously, making the nature of the podcast truly organic and thought-provoking. The listener follows the creator’s string of thoughts and forms ideas with them.

Podcasts create communities. They are a good medium of finding like-minded people, and engaging in conversation, knowing you can both connect intellectually. 

Another way podcasts can change the world is owed to the fact that podcasts cater to extremely niche markets. What better way, then, to advertise your product, effectively to your target market, than using a podcast they already choose to listen to? Introducing your product through a personality-based choice of media creates an intimate connection between your product and the listener. 


With the way things have changed, we’re left with lesser and lesser time to research thoroughly. That is where podcasts sneak in. Knowledge at your disposal, indeed! A casual podcast simulates a conversation. It can offer you information, entertainment, but the experience of listening to a podcast offers something far more precious; a companion.

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