Why do influencers use a selfie ring light?

A ring light is a circular flash of light ideal for uniform lighting and prolonged use while recording or shooting a video as they reduce shadows and illuminate the subject. In today’s world of social media, ring lights are trendy and widely used by influencers all over the world. It helps to emphasize details and produce well-lit, high-quality photos. This way, you don’t have to spend a fortune on hefty shoots or expensive cameras. Content creators, like make-up artists, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, etc. use this unique form of light to make their videos or graphics eye-catchy and attractive. 

Ring lights were initially used for medicinal purposes, like plastic surgeries or dental procedures, as they needed more focus on specific parts of our face. Gradually, it was adopted by influencers and fashion photographers due to its excellent results and even distribution of light. Unlike a flash, ring lights can be kept glowing for an extended period of time. For example, during make-up shoots, it will pop out the different colors, eliminate uneven tones on the face and neck, and give a smoother look overall. 

Have you ever wondered why these Instagram pictures of bloggers and make-up artists look flawless? Do they not have bad skin or hair days? How come they always look so fresh and glowing? 

Well, the answers to all these questions lie behind using a great source of light. There are various types of ring lights available in the market with a video variety of options for color modes, settings, controllers, etc. We have listed some characteristic features of our favorite selfie ring light below. It is perfect for pictures and video. Read below to know more!

Auxiwa Selfie Ring Light

The Auxiwa ring light offers bright and luminous photos captured by your phone or laptop camera. It comes with an adjustable tripod stand with four height levels, extendable from 27.5 to 48 inches. 

Like any other ring light, this one has a circular design with a 180 – degree rotating angle. It also has a 360-degree rotating cell phone holder with a lobe head, which allows you to set up your cell phone the way you want. 

The dimmable ring light offers three color modes; warm light (3500K), natural white (5000K), and cool light (6000K). Each of these modes has 10 brightness levels which give 30 options in total, you can choose according to your requirements. This feature helps to remove all kinds of shadows from your face while shooting a video and provides amazing illumination. It also darkens the background to remove disruptions from your video and increase focus.

The ring light can be powered through a USB port or included adapter. A USB port can work with any device that supports USBs, such as cell phones, laptops, computers, etc. 

Looking at all the above features, one can safely say that a ring light is a good investment and an ideal buy for influencers and social media content creators. You can take beautiful and striking pictures and videos, and also do live streams on your social media accounts with any color lightning from the 30 options available. The wireless remote shutter, via Bluetooth, enables connection with all cell phones. 

How to operate a ring light?

The Auxiwa ring light comes with an instruction manual that explains in detail how to set it up. However, before setting up your right light, always check whether it is suitable for use with a certain device because sometimes with high brightness, it can draw more power than a USB port can deliver. This can damage your laptop or PC. Hence, it is recommended to use a power bank or the provided adapter.

Position your camera or phone in the center of the ring light using its holder. This will help to create uniform lighting for your shoot. If you are using a laptop, then remove the adjustable tripod stand and attach the ring light on top of your screen in the center. 

Set up your room in a way to avoid reflective surfaces. This is needed to reduce shadows and for the ring light to work its magic. Place props like pillows, vases, etc that suit the ambiance of your video or picture. In addition to this, choose your color mode accordingly. The ring light offers both warm and cool tones. Warm tones are preferred to create an illuminating effect of daylight whereas a cool tone is used for soft moods and nighttime. 

The next step is to play around with different brightness levels. For example, increased brightness is preferred for make-up tutorials as it will increase the focus on different colors and pigments during application. Do not stick to one brightness level and keep changing according to the theme of the video for better results. 

Last but not the least, handle your ring light with care. There are small LED lights in the ring, which can break easily if care is not taken.


We hope you found this article helpful and if you are a struggling beginner trying to build a career in blogging, then your first purchase might just be a good ring light. It’s a complete game-changer when it comes to shooting videos. You can certainly feel the difference in your video with and without the use of a ring light. It makes your content pleasant-looking and attractive, helping you to increase traffic and reach on your Instagram page or YouTube channel. We hope this article helped clear your understanding of using a ring light.

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