Why does your business need an international toll-free number?

Deciding to purchase a toll-free number has been one of the wisest decisions made till date. These numbers are very useful for businesses. Not only did this replace your conventional, siloed business communication process but at the same time, give you the ability to scale your business operations. 

A virtual phone number is no doubt an important aspect of business communication. However, that’s not enough when you connect and collaborate with international clients. A local number would work well for your business within the borders of your country, not beyond that. Wondering why? 

It’s simply because the local numbers do not work for overseas interaction. And by work, we mean that they would no longer remain zero-cost calling. If an international customer engages with your organization via your business phone number, he would need to pay the international calling charges, irrespective of the fact that they are toll-free. 

And this is where you need to opt-in for an international toll-free number.

What is an international toll-free number? 

Before we see how toll-free numbers help simplify the interaction process between you and your clients, we shed some light on what is an international toll-free number. 

An international toll-free free number is the same as that of your domestic virtual number with the only difference being in the subscription plan and service provider policies.What this implies is that with an international phone number, one would not be restricted within the borders and could make calls for free.

There is an array of organizations that provide cloud-based VoIP services facilitating communication. These are Virtual numbers as provided by agencies such as CallHippo that embeds the internet technology to host calls all over the globe. What makes them an ideal choice for communication is the robustness and call clarity. 

But is that enough? Spending thousands of dollars simply to get a voice clarity? You obviously know more to set up an international communication system. 

Here we have five different reasons why your organization needs an international business phone number.

Potential of Toll-free Numbers For International Calling 

  • Building a brand identity

One of the most common reasons why an international number is a must is the fact that it supports branding. When dealing with customers or clients worldwide, you are bound to enter into telephonic conversations with them. Having a toll-free number sets an image of professionalism. Your clients might perceive your organization as a professional brand and would be willing to enter into contracts.

  • Localization

Next comes, the factor of localization. It is always assumed that businesses prefer collaborating with organizations that are local. Suppose there is a customer who belongs to South Africa. Now when looking for a service or an agency, the company would emphasize providers that hail from the same region or someplace nearby. The fact that this builds trust, customers would not be comfortable in extending their arrangement with businesses overseas.

Having an Australia toll free number for that region or say an international number helps give your customers a benefit of doubt. These numbers come with a local prefix and so the customers would not think before engaging with your services.

  • Attract and Engage

Another benefit of having an international number is in marketing. No matter if you use the traditional form of billboards and advertisements or the modern-day social media marketing norms, you will always have to display your business phone number.

Now imagine a customer in France scanning your ad to get hold of a number and all that finds is an American extension dialer. What good does this do to that customer, let alone your business?

On the contrary, a virtual phone number with international prefixes would solve the problems of the customer, compelling him to make a call.

  • Hordes Of Features

Toll-free numbers aren’t just about calling or communicating. The present-day cloud-based VoIP systems are well equipped in an array of features. Starting with outbound calling to call transfer, queuing, and conferencing, they have a lot more to offer. Imagine getting into a video conference with your customer in Italy.

Isn’t that amazing? Breaking the norms and geographical barriers. Having a call when no one’s at the desk, rerouting to a different agent or not sure who is the call for, automate the response. All of these are the added features and helps you scale beyond barriers.


Wondering how to get hold of a number for international calling? Trust me there are thousands of service providers offering you the ease to set up your business phone system with a toll-free number. All you need to do is find one that suits your requirement best. You can also consider engaging with CallHippo, one of the leading service providers with a dearth of offers and facilities.

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