Why Fall is the Best Season to Install Lawn Sprinkler Systems

With summer coming to an end, lawn maintenance may not be a top priority on your to do list. The truth is it should be. Making sure that your lawn will grow healthy and green each year requires more than watering during the summer months. The best solution to prevent brown or unsightly grass after the winter months are over is to install a lawn sprinkler system. 

Benefits of Fall Season Lawn Sprinkler System Installation 

During the Fall season lawn care usually consists of raking up the fallen leaves, but there is something else that can be done to help keep that grass healthy when next summer rolls around. The favorably cool weather months from October through December are the best time to dig soil, because it is generally free of frost and can then be left to overwinter. 

The summer months should be spent enjoying a beautiful lawn, not digging it up. Whereas, the months of mid-winter through spring make the soil too wet or frozen to consider trying to dig. There is also the risk of damaging the soil structure if you try to dig up wet heavy soil. Thus, making the fall months the most favorable and least difficult time of year to dig soil.

There is also no need to do any of the digging by hand, bring in an expert like EZ Lawn Sprinklers to handle every step of the installation. Even with professional installation, it is a good idea to have lawn sprinklers installed during fall when your soil will be the best condition for digging. After the sprinkler system has been installed the lawn can be left to overwinter, and then your grass will be ready to properly and easily maintain from one year to the next. 

Long-term Benefits of Lawn Sprinkler Systems 

Installing a lawn sprinkler system during the fall is beneficial for the health of your soil, but there are also other major benefits to look forward to. Say so long to the days when the grass looked brown or felt dry and rough under your feet, and hello to a healthy lawn maintained on autopilot. The pros of installing a lawn sprinkler system are more than just green grass, such as: 

  • Consistent lawn hydration scheduled to deliver the exact amount of moisture to your grass during optimal times of day for the climate of your region. 
  • Prevent the grass from being over or under watered, which most commonly leads to browning. 
  • Never have to manually water the grass or have to reposition a sprinkler to make sure every part of the lawn has been watered. 
  • Reduce water usage and potentially save on your monthly utility costs. 
  • Enjoy the time saved from putting the chore of watering the lawn on autopilot. 

Overall the benefits of installing a lawn sprinkler system make it a worthy investment. Take advantage of the fall as the best time to install a lawn sprinkler system, and enjoy hands off lawn care for every year to come. 

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