Understanding the Reasons Why Instagram Is Regarded as The Best Platform


In recent times, brands are not just relying on conventional promotion and marketing techniques, instead, they are also investing more funds and resources in social media promotion and marketing. The main reason for this seems to be the fact that social networking sites are today an integral part of our existence. As per https://www.feelguide.com, because of this kind of extensive global penetration, social media marketing currently is able to generate a high ROI. There are several social media platforms today. Some of them have gained phenomenal popularity.

However, if you are searching for the best social media channel for building and boosting your brand, you must know that no platform is better as compared to Instagram. You can use SocialFox for real time Instagram analytics. This is certainly the most versatile, vibrant, powerful, and popular social media platform. We know that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram is still going strong in terms of popularity. Experts have determined or identified a few important reasons that have made Instagram the top social media platform.

Visual Platforms are Engaging

Pictures often tell stories better than text ever will. This is why people prefer a visual medium like Instagram for much of their content rather than going for wordy Twitter threads or Facebook posts. Pictures and videos are more appealing, more engaging, and easier to scroll through, absorb, and enjoy for the majority of users.

The Micro blogging Craze is Hotter than Ever

Micro blogging is a tremendously popular trend at the moment, with platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram leading in usage and engagement, over more lengthy blogs and Facebook pages. Instagram offers quicker bursts of gratification through short visual posts rather than giant walls of text. The micro blogging aspect of it almost ensures widespread adoption and high engagement in this day and age.

Social is In

This should go without saying for a social network, but Instagram is great at the “social” bit of it. It is incredibly intuitive to showcase your life, adventures, likes, and aspirations on your Instagram profile, and even easier to “heart” a post to show your appreciation for it. Unlike Facebook that requires a two-way friend request acceptance to make posts visible at a “Friend” level, Instagram lets you follow any user, even a private user who has to accept your follow request and see all their posts on your feed. It is entirely up to them whether they would like to follow you back or not.

Using Instagram is Undeniably Fun

Instagram has a really gentle learning curve, but the reward to effort ratio is incredibly high. It feels great to share a picture you’re proud of and even better to see people appreciate it. You can add filters and fun effects, use hashtags to increase their reach, and you could go viral anytime. It really is quite incredible, and more and more people have begun to see its value over the years.

Image Manipulation Has Never Been Easier

When it comes to manipulating images, be it cropping, adding text, making collages, or applying filters, there really is no beating Instagram. There may be more advanced dedicated solutions; however, there are none as approachable and useful as Instagram. You can add any filter of your choice, whether you want to look youthful or add a shade of humor to your content. The best part is that all these editing features are part of the app itself, so you don’t even need to exit the app to have a host of powerful functions at your fingertips, and you can post to your feed or your stories with a single tap once you’re done.

Instagram is Incredibly Intuitive

The team at Instagram has spent tons of time brainstorming its UX, and the end product is an incredibly user-friendly, borderline addictive experience. There is little usability tweak everywhere that are easy to miss but genuinely make the entire app super easy to use. One of these features is that you have the option to easily cross-post any of your posts to other networks like Facebook and Twitter once they have been posted on Instagram.

It’s an Amazing Marketing Choice

Instagram is very popular among young users, who also tend to be way more willing to enter the market based on trends and advertising. 60% of surveyed internet users in the 18 to 29 age group are active on Instagram. Since the youth has more access to funds and is willing to part with it if, given the right incentives, Instagram becomes ripe as a marketing platform. You must create a great product. On Instagram, you simply need to post a high-resolution photo of the property.

Much Improved Content Display

On Instagram, you could consider building a much-improved brand image in terms of pictures and videos when compared to Facebook, Twitter, or some other social networking sites. Instagram is perfect because of its User Interface or UI. When a user logs in to his Facebook account via PC he would be seeing pictures, links, sidebars, chat screen, and a host of other things. The best feature of Instagram is supposed to be its clutter-free UI that ensures improved customer engagement. You could enjoy free Instagram likes if your content is of high quality.

Instagram Boasts of Better Messaging Built-In

Instagram boasts of a robust built-in messaging feature that promises to be faster and smoother as compared to Facebook messenger. This is seamlessly incorporated into the versatile app. You do not need to go about downloading two different apps, unlike Facebook. Moreover, this platform is far quicker and you could share an Instagram post with your dear friend in DM by through a share button.

Instagram Comes Up with Impressive Behind-the-Scenes Moments

You could share some interesting pictures and videos on Instagram highlighting some of the behind-the-scenes moments thus, allowing your target audience to peek into your business activities that take place in the background. This helps to fortify the relationship with customers.


Instagram is a great platform that helps to build trust and create a robust image of a brand. Instagram as a social media platform is able to target customers and impress them so that they have confidence in you. This helps businesses to grow manifold. Instagram is certainly, known to play a pivotal role in this context.

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