Top Reasons Why Sending Children to Daycare Need Not Make Parents Feel Guilty


As a working parent, the decision to send your toddler to daycare may seem inescapable even though there are chances that you will be judged for it, and worse, you will perhaps feel guilty for not being able to take personal care of your child. However, even though daycare is a reality for parents who need to support their families or simply want to work for the fulfillment, there are quite a few proven benefits of sending kids to daycare, making this hard decision a positive parenting choice.

Get Used to Routines and Schedules

Toddlers may have no concept of time, but spending time in daycare can teach them about routines and schedules as they will learn to enjoy themselves in a sequence of fun activities. These activities may seem random. However, they lay the foundation for the intellectual growth and development of the child. The schedule of activities such as playing, eating, and napping is also important for molding the behavior of the toddler that will benefit him throughout his life.

Makes Them Better Prepared for Academic Excellence

In due course, all toddlers will have to attend school; however, if they are accustomed to daycare, they will find the transition to preschool or kindergarten less stressful. According to, kids who have undergone formal childcare are better in reading and math. Even as teens, these kids tend to do better because of their superior cognitive skills. A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study conducted over 30 years established that those who had attended high-quality daycare as infants were four times more likely to have earned a college degree and also remain more consistently employed than those brought up at home.

More Independence

When in a childcare Albany center, the children learn very quickly how to get along with their parents or other adult members of their families. In a daycare, they are given simple tasks and activities that they need to do on their own such as putting on their socks or organizing their toys. These tasks enable them to become independent at an early age, a skill they will find of value throughout their lives.

Gives Kids More Confidence and Makes Them Better Communicators

Children in a daycare environment may feel tentative to start with but over time as they become more comfortable, they develop self-confidence and the ability to be at ease in social settings. This is an ability that will benefit them throughout their lifetimes. Learning to deal with their caregivers and other kids helps them to practice their social skills as well as develop interpersonal and communication skills. Since they are exposed to people of different ages, they learn more quickly to adapt to their situation by adjusting their non-verbal communication.


Spending time in daycare gives young children more opportunities to have and socialize with other children of their age. In a quality daycare, they have more fun than at home, especially when their parents have a busy work schedule. Apart from becoming more accomplished individuals, they also get a chance to build new relationships and friendships that they will treasure throughout their lives.

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