Why Twitter was created what does twitter stands for?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites. Twitter is completely a free social type of messaging tool that allows people to get connected with the brief text messages that consists of 140 characters called as tweets. During the time of introduction of Twitter mobile phones new to the world and during that time people were waiting for the new introduction of technology to distribute the text messages to their friends and Twitter was one of the best platforms that worked on computers, mobile phones and other devices mainly for text messaging.

History of Twitter

Many people spend most of their nights and weekends in working in their own project field during the time they will be really mashed to get rid out of it and the search for Friends network. Twitter is a good platform to visit millions of friends which will be very helpful to communicate with them and it is one of the biggest communication technology introduced to keep in touch with friends forever.

Did Twitter get rid of moments?

Naturally Twitter is being removed to create the ability of movements on android and IOS application. There have been many moments created which was very much used on most of the mobile application and lot of efforts have been refocus on the main features in which people are enjoying.

Twitter is created in the following different setups mainly it navigates the every individual moment in the form of tab.

  • You can add an extraordinary title with proper description
  • Choosing an appropriate tweet which will add an extra movement to the title.
  • Covering a set of image.
  • To publish a new type of moment to create in an extraordinary way.


Mostly twitter moments create the users with multiple numbers of tweets in the form of stories and this was originally launched to keep the users engaged. Twitters are designed with new different technology and it makes the people very trendy and also it enables the users to follow the groups of new people. Twitter includes entertainment programs such as sports, news, general news and many interesting criteria based upon different creators. Moments have been introduced based upon different title and you yourself can publish your favorite Tweet in your specific account and there are many happy moments which will create a new wonderful world.

What was Twitter originally called?

Twitter the original name of the service was introduced as twettr and later the service was changed its name to twitter it is actually an American micro blogging website which is very famous in social networking services which is used for interacting with messages that is popularly known as tweets. 

The different kind of social networking website has been attracted by different kinds of people and this is only because of Jack Dorsey, who is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter.

Drastic growth was found in nature social media website within a short span of life since due to its applications and extraordinary features. This product is designed with amazing logo appearance as simple and attractive original logo with the bird explaining it as Twitter.

This Bird which explains you as it carries the text messages from one end to another end which was traditionally used in olden days. The appearance of the font is also really attracted by the people and there are many followers for Twitter which is very compatible with many external applications this is available for many countries for transferring short message service.

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