Why You Need a Bodysuit


A bodysuit is a clothing piece that extends from your upper body (and sometimes even from your neck) to your pelvis. It is like the usual tops, such as shirts, turtlenecks, spaghetti straps, etc., but it hugs the body. And just like these other different tops, a bodysuit can vary in style and design.

The Perfect Fit

Wearing a bodysuit is like wearing a glove for your upper body. It hugs all of those curves and shows them off to the world. But a bodysuit does more than just showcase your shape. It can accommodate whatever your body shape may be because many bodysuits are stretchable. However, there is a limit to how much a bodysuit can accommodate, so there can still be times when it can feel a bit tight. Thus, you still have to consider your measurements when choosing a bodysuit.


Typical clothes such as t-shirts, spaghetti straps, turtlenecks, etc. can portray the designs and style you want. Bodysuits are no exception. A spaghetti-strapped bodysuit is especially perfect when the sun is up and bright. On the other hand, a long-sleeved bodysuit is great during the cold night.


The material will also vary. Some bodysuits are made of cotton, lace, nylon and other materials. You can never go wrong with cotton for everyday wear. A lace bodysuit is great when you are feeling daring and want to show off your sexy side. And a nylon bodysuit is usually reserved for you and your significant other indoors. However, the most common materials for a bodysuit are spandex or Lycra. These materials offer great control. They hug and smooth out bumps in your figure. Thus, they give you a smooth silhouette.

Whatever the material may be, there are also many cuts, lengths, colors and patterns of bodysuits that are perfect for any occasion. Want it plain and simple? You may opt for a solid colored top. You want it loud and proud? Then go for one with elaborate patterns and colors.


You can wear a bodysuit whatever your style may be. You can wear it for semi-formal events by pairing it with some slacks, or you can wear it to completely formal events by layering it with a blazer or jacket. You can also pair a bodysuit with shorts if you want to keep it super casual. Jeans are also perfect. It does not matter whether the jeans are high-, low-, or mid-rise. If you can make it rock, then you can flaunt it. If you can wear a bodysuit with pants and shorts, you can also wear it with skirts. Go for ruffled skirts if you are feeling extra girly. Or you can go with a plaid skirt if you want to rock a corporate or academic look.

Knowing how to match you a bodysuit with different bottoms can create different looks, especially if you want to give off different vibes for different occasions.

Whether you are a career-driven girl grinding your way up the corporate ladder or a casual digital nomad whose office is the world, a bodysuit can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Because a bodysuit hugs your figure, many wore it like underwear, but times have changed, and now you can wear your bodysuit out and proud.

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