Why You Should Gift a Tree to Your Loved One

Gift a Tree

Planning for gifts can be exciting if you love preparing surprises for people. However, it can also become increasingly difficult as the years go by. At one point, you may feel like you have already given all the best presents and you slowly run out of ideas. While it is normal to think of the recipient’s best interest when thinking of a gift, it has become gradually important to consider the environmental impact of your holiday traditions as well. With sustainability being the major concern for many today, you have probably noticed trends like zero-waste packaging and others to help minimize waste.

Nowadays, there are tons of more eco-friendly options and alternatives to gifts to prevent contributing to waste. In particular, one of the most popular sustainable gift ideas today is “Plant a tree gift”. This idea allows you to plant a tree in honor of or on behalf of your loved one, allowing you to give something unique while helping the environment. If you are still undecided on a gift, now may be your chance to try this. Who knows? It might become your new tradition.

Protect the Environment

Undeniably, the biggest reason why you should consider planting a tree as a gift is that it helps protect the environment. Trees have enormous benefits for nature and can last much longer than typical gifts that may end up becoming unused. They can help clean the air, reduce the carbon footprint, as well as give animals a new home. With 80% of Earth’s species living in forests, it is certain that one tree will already go a long way in providing a habitat for many animals.

Enhances Recreational Experience

If you enjoy hiking in the forest, going to public parks, or appreciating wildlife, then you would know that a shared similarity of the three is the fact that you will see trees. By planting another one, you can enhance yours and other people’s recreational experience. Since trees can help protect nature and its resources, you can also help support forestation and possibly boost local tourism. It may not look great initially, but the benefits of the “Plant a tree gift” can extend to more than just your recipient.

Increase Food

Trees are a useful source of nutritious food for people and animals. They also help make soil more fertile and restore degraded land to enhance farmers’ crop yield. Furthermore, trees can protect land from erosion or landslides to aid in food production. All these reasons point to an increased food supply, which will benefit billions of people and lead to more economic stability.

Help the Future Generations

Climate change is the most compelling global issues today, with most of the youth concerned about how it will affect the living standard in the future. Trees can help curb the number of pollutants in the air and remove carbon dioxide to reduce greenhouse emissions. One tree may seem like a small thing, but in the larger picture, it can already do so much to help even the succeeding generations.   

Evidently, the simple act of planting one tree can go a long way, with benefits extending beyond an individual. Aside from showing your appreciation and well wishes for the recipient, you also help plants, animals, and the whole environment. The next time a special occasions or the holiday season comes, consider gifting a tree.

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