Your Guide to Water-based Lubes

Water-based lubes

Lubes are known to make both personal solo time magical and sex with your partner better and free from the itch and discomfort caused from dryness. But what people don’t know is that lubes aren’t meant only to tackle dryness. This seems to be the biggest myth- “lubes are only for people who are dry down there!!” Lubes are used by both men and women, and for both homo and heterosexual sex.

Lubes are the hero of the penetrative sex. The three types of variants are usually available in the market- Water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based. Water-based is the most popularly used as compared to silicone-based and oil-based lubes.

Silicon-based lubes don’t work with the sex toys which are usually made of silicon themselves making them gooey. Oil-based lubes don’t work wells with condoms making the water-based lubes a winner with the only drawback that water-based lubes sometimes have to be re-applied more than once during sex. Apart from that, water-based lubes are the go-to choice for both lubricative and massage purposes. Flavored water-based lubes are great for oral sex as well.

The pros of water-based lubes are that they are the jack of all goods and can be used anywhere as they are safe, and cause no mess. They will never damage your toys, stain your clothes, or rip the condoms. Cons of water-based lubes include are that since they are major water, they are not great for in-the-shower sex. They also tend to evaporate due to the heat from penetrative friction they are not much recommended for anal sex. They have to be reapplied more than once for vaginal sex as well.

Some things to keep in mind…

Think about before buying the largest bottle of lube as you may want to experiment with different types and flavors of lubes. Buying large bottles at once limits the option to experiment. Other than that they do have an expiry date. We recommend you buy small or medium bottles so you can experiment more and choose your favorites.

Another tip is to buy lubes with flip-top lids or pumps. Twist off lids requires both hands open the top has a risk of spillage if not kept properly on the bedside table because of the heat of the moment

We are here to recommend you some nice and non-messy water-based lubes which you can shop online.

  1. Wicked Aqua Sensitive Lubricant

Aqua Sensitive lubricant is designed for a hypo-allergic population with sensitive skin. It benefits all the hygiene of cautious users as it leaves no residue and doesn’t possess any strange smell and taste. The texture is silky because of glycerin combined with paraben-free formula. The packaging is even classier with a black shiny bottle and a leak-proof pump making it travel friendly. Shop this amazing product just at $12.74 here.

  1. JO H2O Gel for Him

JO H2O lube is designed to supplement the body’s natural lubrication. The gel is thicker and is formulated using pure plant-based glycerin providing a comforting glide for him to enjoy a smooth, no stick sex and play. It is the least irritating and easy to clean product. All JO products are backed with FDA approval making them safer for use. Shop JO H2O Gel for Him for $13.99

  1. ID Jelly Lubricant

Water-based lubricants are known to slip around but not this player! ID jelly lubricant is a thick personal lube made just right for those wild fierce nights. The thick textures make sure that it stays in place making it an ideal choice for both anal and vaginal penetration as well as for hand jobs and other forms of manual stimulation. It works well with condoms and silicone toys. Shop this amazing product here for the price of $11.99

  1. K-Y Liquid Lubricant

K-Y liquid lubricant is known for its long-lasting superpower. Unlike most of the water-based lubricants, this amazing product doesn’t have to be reapplied again and again. The K-Y liquid lubricant is latex friendly and hence can easily be used with condoms. Enjoy the satisfaction that comes with this product. Shop this pocket-friendly K-Y Liquid lube for only $9.99

  1. Wicked Toy Love Gel

Take your Toy play to the next level. Wicked Toy love gel is a lube designed with technology to take care of your favorite toys. It is a non-drip, water-based, the lubricating gel that stays in place and creates no mess around. The formula is paraben-free along with glycerin and aloe Vera. Shop Wicked Toy Love Gel for $11.99

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