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Yuzu Firmware

Yuzu is an open-source Nintendo Switch emulator for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It allows PC users to play Switch games on their desktops and laptops. yuzu can run many commercial Switch games without issues, making it popular in the emulation community.

Download Yuzu Firmware

Like the Switch, yuzu needs firmware files to emulate some games and features properly. Newer firmware versions add compatibility for more games and improve performance. Here is the latest version of Yuzu firmware and also the older versions. Just click the “DOWNLOAD” to get it.

VersionMD5 HashSizeDownload Link
Firmware v17.0.1107f55a13e35efc95c27eca693f93ab7323MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v17.0.0907f7c99ba54ff84aba5dfc9e22df968323MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v16.1.0c32db52758a4bf6503869db531012e3d325MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v16.0.3ebb152b356b94eb95ed4a5ab9d4145f1325MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v16.0.2462c6a0d29daa4170c37ad1b95899bd5325MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v16.0.1cb287286188dc3072352af2bb4830911325MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v16.0.09feda64cab86f851f1630979ae33a6d5325MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v15.0.169735562cebf54ec61aad54cfefc9a5d322MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v15.0.0a7023429f85fdd3a40b4661188f5b65a322MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 3)36808cdb78b5986d02817e6667dfe15b320MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 2)50f2564ce85a0818942c5fc1db20a89c320MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 1)f21375202bc25d55733a41d7a2d8978c320MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v14.1.2522d3c4caf11d9874dbd830907f1f36a320MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v14.1.14e864e134318aa80ac06e7a676eb96d8320MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v14.1.0778b4e7854afa1a0baa98c44988e68ac320MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v14.0.0816010565838f30b047d0059efa8c3ea320MBDOWNLOAD
Firmware v13.2.1881379299c1c9cd2a4b7a90c18c9ea82320MBDOWNLOAD
Yuzu Firmware versions

How To Check Yuzu Firmware Version

You can check the currently installed firmware version in Yuzu from the Help > About menu. This will show the base firmware version Yuzu is using.

Checking Yuzu Version
Checking Yuzu Version

How To Install Yuzu Firmware

Firmware installation process

To install firmware in yuzu:

  1. Download the firmware file from the links above.
  2. Launch yuzu and go to File > Load File > Install Firmware > Select firmware file.
  3. Let the firmware install. This may take a couple of minutes.
  4. Restart Yuzu after installation is completed.
Updating Yuzu Firmware
Updating Yuzu Firmware

Troubleshooting Firmware Installation Errors

If you get errors during firmware installation, try:

  • Installing in Safe Mode in Yuzu.
  • Download the firmware file again in case it is corrupted.
  • Update Yuzu to the latest version.
  • The very common error that people get is Yuzu encryption keys are missing.
Yuzu encryption keys are missing error
Yuzu encryption keys are missing error.

Verifying Successful Firmware Update

To confirm firmware installed correctly:

  • Check the Help > About menu; the installed version should match the downloaded firmware.
  • Try launching a game needing that firmware; it should now work.

Recap of Key Points

  • Yuzu is the leading open-source Switch emulator for PCs.
  • Firmware files from Switch are needed for the best compatibility.
  • The latest firmware can be downloaded from here.
  • Installing firmware helps run more games properly.
  • Useful settings like multicore CPU can increase performance.
  • Many popular Switch games already run well on Yuzu.

Features of Yuzu Emulator

Some key features of yuzu include:

  • Accurate emulation of Switch hardware like the CPU and GPU.
  • Supports Vulkan and OpenGL graphics APIs for better performance.
  • Docked and handheld mode emulation.
  • Controller support for popular options like Xbox and PS4 controllers.
  • Modding capabilities like texture packs and cheats.
  • Multicore CPU emulation for better performance on modern systems.

How To Play Nintendo Switch Games on Yuzu

How To Import Games To Yuzu Library

To play Switch games on Yuzu:

  • Click Add Directory and select the folder containing your Switch games.
  • Imported games will show up in the Yuzu library.
  • Double-click the game icon to launch.
Playing game on Yuzu
Playing game on Yuzu

Compatibility with Nintendo Switch games

Yuzu can already play many AAA Nintendo Switch exclusives, such as Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Pokémon Sword and Shield. The compatibility list steadily grows with each new update. Popular indie games like Stardew Valley and Dead Cells also work well.

Configuring Graphics and Controls

In Yuzu’s Emulation, Controls, and Graphics tabs, you can configure graphics settings like resolution and use your preferred controller.

Setting up Yuzu controls and settings
Setting up Yuzu controls and settings

Useful Settings for Optimal Performance

Enabling these settings can improve performance in many games:

  • Multicore CPU emulation.
  • Assembly shaders preloading.
  • Disk shader cache enabled.

Common Issues and Solutions for Games

Some common problems and their fixes:

  • Graphics artifacts: Try different GPU settings or update GPU drivers.
  • Game crashes: Enable assembly shaders or update yuzu.
  • Low FPS: Change graphics API or resolution, use multicore CPU.
  • Controls not working: Configure controls again or enable the controller in Yuzu.


Future of Yuzu Emulator Development

The Yuzu project is actively developed with frequent updates. It will continue improving in compatibility, speed, and features. Exciting new functions like online multiplayer are also being worked on. The future looks bright for Yuzu!


What are Yuzu prod keys, and how to get them?

Yuzu prod keys are unique identifiers needed to decrypt and run encrypted Switch games. They can be dumped from your own Switch console. Alternatively, you can download them from here.

Does updating firmware improve performance?

Yes, newer firmware versions add optimizations and compatibility improvements that can enhance game performance that needs that firmware.

Can I play online using yuzu?

Limited online play is possible currently with games that have LAN multiplayer. Full online multiplayer is still experimental but is being worked on.

Some compatible games include Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee.

Yuzu is legal. To play Switch games on Yuzu, you must own and get them legally. Downloading or distributing copyrighted games is illegal.

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