Yuzu Encryption Keys Are Missing (Fixed 2024)

Yuzu Encryption Keys Are Missing

Here is how to Fix the “Yuzu encryption keys are missing” error:

  • Download the Yuzu emulator from the official website.
  • Launch the Yuzu emulator, and Click “Files > Open Yuzu Folder
  • In the Yuzu folder, you’ll find the “keys” folder.
  • Download the encryption keys and paste “prod.keys” and “title.keys” in the keys folder.
  • After restarting, your error will be resolved. 

Yuzu is a popular Nintendo Switch Emulator that allows players to enjoy their favorite computer games. Yuzu aims to enhance users’ gaming experience by incorporating another system into the board.

However, sometimes Yuzu can encounter issues that may interrupt your gaming experience. After all, it is also software, so it is bound to have some problems occasionally.

One of the most widespread problems is the error ‘encryption keys are missing’. This error prevents the games from running efficiently on the PCs.

Here, we comprehensively analyze this error and its solution so you can quickly resume enjoying your games.

The causes of Yuzu Encryption keys are missing.

Yuzu encryption keys are missing, which can mean a couple of things. The most likely possibility is that you might have accidentally deleted them. If so, you can easily find them in the keys folder in the Yuzu Emulator directory. You can download Yuzu prod keys and move them to the keys folder.

You cannot view the encryption keys on your Yuzu profile for a few other reasons. The foremost reason can be that your Yuzu application is outdated. The latest version of the Yuzu emulator comes with encryption keys.

Furthermore, you may have downloaded a pirated version of the Yuzu emulator. The pirated copies of Yuzu emulators often do not have encryption keys. 

Understanding the Error 

The ‘encryption keys are missing’ error only pops up when Yuzu cannot locate them. These keys are used to decrypt the data from the console and load the game on the PC. 

These keys convert the encrypted data into a readable format, which allows the emulator to understand the data and execute the game on the PC.

Yuzu cannot emulate the game data without these keys, which results in an error message.

How to Fix Yuzu Encryption Keys are Missing.

To fix the upcoming error, ‘Yuzu encryption keys are missing,’ you must follow the following steps. Here is a step-by-step guide to fix the error of missing encryption keys on Yuzu.

Step 1: Download The Official Yuzu Emulator

One of the most common reasons for this error is a pirated version of Yuzu. The pirated version does not contain encryption keys. And it does not support them either.

Even if you manage to download the keys, the pirated Yuzu emulator will not support the encryption keys.

So, the first step is to ensure your Yuzu emulator is official. You can download the original Yuzu from the official Yuzu website. 

If you have an old version of Yuzu, you should update the software from the official Yuzu site. Yuzu’s developers constantly release updates to fix bugs like all other software.

Downloading Yuzu emulator

Step 2: Download The Encryption Keys

In this step, download the encryption keys manually, which you can download from here

You have to extract the downloader zip data to a folder on your computer.

If you have outdated firmware, you can download the latest Yuzu firmware to streamline the process.

Step 2: Create a Keys Folder on Yuzu

The next step is to find the keys folder in Yuzu. If the keys folder is not visible on your emulator, you must create one. 

To create the keys folder, access the file folder in the top left corner of the Yuzu emulator; in the files, select the option ‘open Yuzu folder.’ It will lead you to the directory of Yuzu files.

Creating Keys Folder in Yuzu

From the Yuzu emulator directory, you will find the keys folder. If the keys folder is not there, create one manually in the Yuzu directory.

Step 3: Copy the Keys

In this step, copy the encryption keys you downloaded from the previous step.

Then, paste the keys from the location in your computer to the keys folder in the Yuzu emulator directory. 

Copying prod.keys file

Step 4: Restart the Application 

The last step is to restart your Yuzu emulator. Close the Yuzu emulator entirely and then open it again.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you can quickly resolve the error of missing encryption keys. 

After following these steps, your error of missing Yuzu encryption keys will be fixed. If the error still exists, your copy of Yuzu is pirated.

Now, you have fixed the error. You may be wondering how to import games into Yuzu; I have a detailed guide on setting up Yuzu.


1. Why is my Yuzu emulator still not working after the update?

If your Yuzu emulator still shows the same error, you need to check the firmware files. Check if you have the correct firmware files on your computer. Find the firmware files and place them in the Yuzu directory. 

2. What is the function of encryption keys? 

The encryption keys are used to decrypt the data from the gaming console into the PC in readable files so the PC can scan them and seamlessly run the game.

3. How do I verify the game files?

To verify the game files, you must correctly dump them. If any error persists, dump the files again. Improperly dumped game files can lack the data required for encryption.

Final Thoughts

You do not need to worry if your Yuzu emulator keeps displaying the error of missing encryption keys. Following the simple steps mentioned above, you can quickly resolve this error and return to a seamless gaming experience. 

It is a frustrating experience to see this error pop up when you are just trying to kick back and relax after a hectic day of work or study. 

Updating the emulator and its encryption keys eliminates this irritating error quickly. 

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