Yuzu Prod Keys v17.0.0 Latest Download (2024)

Yuzu prod keys

Yuzu is a popular open-source Nintendo Switch emulator for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Developed by the Yuzu team, this emulator allows PC users to play Switch games on their computers.

Since its initial release in 2017, yuzu has seen rapid development and now supports many commercial Switch titles. However, to run some games properly, specific “prod keys” are required.

Download Yuzu Encryption Keys / Yuzu Prod Keys

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Yuzu Prod Keys

What are prod keys?

Prod keys are unique keys associated with retail Switch games and DLC, also known as encryption keys. They are used by the Switch’s hardware and operating system to decrypt and validate game data. When running Switch games on Yuzu, these keys are needed to emulate some of the console’s security checks properly. Without them, many games will fail to boot or be unplayable.

Why are they needed?

On the Switch itself, prod keys are stored in the console’s secure key storage. But since Yuzu is emulating the Switch via software, it lacks this secure hardware. Prod keys provide the cryptographic data Yuzu needs to mimic the Switch’s decryption and authentication processes. This grants access to play retail games and DLC properly. You should also update to the latest Yuzu firmware to run it smoothly.

How to Get Latest Yuzu prod.keys?

You can download Yuzu prod.keys from here.

Using prod keys with Yuzu

Once you’ve obtained keys through legal methods, using them with yuzu involves:

Adding keys to yuzu

Downloaded key files can be imported into Yuzu’s keys menu. Dumped keys can also be imported here. This adds them to Yuzu’s key vault. You can get the complete tutorial here: Yuzu Encryption Keys Are Missing.

Yuzu encryption keys are missing

Enabling games and DLC

With keys added, you’ll need to right-click on a game in Yuzu and select “Add Key” to associate keys with that specific title and allow it to run. Do the same for any DLC.

Copying prod.keys file

Risks & Alternatives

There are a few risks to understand when using prod keys with yuzu:

While making personal use of your dumped keys is legal, acquiring or sharing prod keys through illegal means can be piracy. Avoid piracy sites offering large key databases.

Open-source emulators without keys

Other open-source Switch emulators like Ryujinx don’t require prod keys. However, they are currently much harder to run commercial games on than Yuzu.


Yuzu offers the best Nintendo Switch emulation experience right now for PCs. Using your own legally obtained prod keys with it provides access to your owned games and DLC. While the Switch hacking scene provides ways to do this, avoid any shady sources offering massive databases of keys that encourage piracy. With a bit of effort, though, it’s possible to enjoy Switch gaming on your PC legally!


What are some legal ways to get prod keys?

You can legally dump keys from your own Switch console using homebrew tools. Some community members also share key files online from their own console dumps.

Do I need a different key for each game?

Yes, keys are unique per title and even per DLC. You’ll need to add keys to Yuzu corresponding to each game or DLC you want to play.

What happens if I don’t use prod keys with Yuzu?

Many games will crash on launch or be unplayable without their corresponding prod keys added in Yuzu. DLC may also not work properly.

Can I get in legal trouble for using my own dumped keys?

You should be fine legally using your personally dumped console keys for archival/emulation purposes. Just don’t share them online or use keys from questionable sources.

Are there other Switch emulators that don’t need keys?

Ryujinx is a Switch emulator that doesn’t require prod keys. However, its compatibility and performance currently lag far behind Yuzu when playing commercial games.

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