10 Most Common Occupational Diseases

10 Most Common Occupational Diseases

What comes to mind when discussing workplace accidents or work-related injuries? Employees often answer the question by talking about physical injuries such as falling from heights, inhaling chemicals, or getting electrocuted. Doubtlessly, these accidents count as occupational challenges faced by average people. However, occupational diseases shouldn’t be neglected since they account for millions of people getting sick each year. OSHA even believes that these work-related ailments cause 2.4 million deaths worldwide. Therefore, learning about these diseases has become necessary for modern-day office workers. 

Let’s take a look at some common occupational diseases.

  1. MSDs

Musculoskeletal challenges (MSDs) are diseases in which your nerves, tendons, and muscles can get injured because of the nature of your work. This umbrella terminology includes many conditions, e.g., tendonitis, epicondylitis, ligament sprain, tension neck syndrome, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Although these diseases aren’t that common in our workplaces, employees must still be cautious about acquiring them. 

  1. Cancer

It’s estimated that nearly one-fourth of work-related deaths are caused today by cancer. Radiation and asbestos exposure can cause life-threatening cancer like Leukemia or Mesothelioma. An average worker may acquire mesothelioma after prolonged asbestos exposure. If you have unfortunately developed cancer caused by asbestos exposure, there are multiple Texas law firms you can contact that will help you get adequately compensated. These well-reviewed and highly-experienced attorneys will help workers receive a fair settlement. Hiring them can help you prove that some workplace-related reasons cause mesothelioma. So, search online for reliable lawyers and file a claim in Texas. 

  1. Sprains:-

What are some of the least avoidable work-related problems? Cuts, tears, bruises, sprains, strains, as well as lacerations; these occupational challenges are common in workplaces today. Workers should be careful while lifting heavier objects and doing anything that requires overexertion. However, we have observed that teras, sprains, and strains have declined recently. Workers seem to be more careful about their well-being and taking good care of themselves to avoid serious diseases.

  1. Back Pain:-

The term “back pain” signifies some of the most terrible issues arising from the nature of your work. Why do so many employees complain of back pain and relevant diseases? Well, a sedentary lifestyle may be the reason why workers are getting backaches today. A lack of exercise also explains why an average worker doesn’t have a healthy backbone. Experts believe that LBP today is the most common reason behind work-related disability among workers under 45. Thus, beware! 

  1. Overexertion:-

Overexertion has been responsible for more than 75% of nonfatal workplace injuries, after which the worker must take work days off. We’ve already mentioned some overexertion-related injuries such as tears, sprains, and strains. These wounds cause people to become indisposed temporarily. But an employee acquiring this malady by not getting overworked. Create a healthy work-life balance with a strong focus on sleeping, eating nutritious meals, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. Hearing Loss:-

Working in noise-exposed workplaces may lead to hearing loss among employees. Statistics indicate that 12% of American employees have difficulty hearing. Moreover, workers working in some of our most noise-exposed industries (construction and manufacturing) are highly vulnerable to issues such as hearing loss. Now, remember that not all of these workers have work-related diseases. However, surveys show that workplace work-related exposures cause one-fourth of these cases. 

  1. Skin Disorders:-

Workers spending lengthy periods outdoors should be careful about skin-related disorders, including cancer. Therefore, employees working in the construction industry are more vulnerable to problems such as these and must be cautious while working. Exposure to chemicals may also lead to diseases. Roofers, painters, and mechanics also come into contact with these toxins and may acquire conditions such as ulcers, rashes, and eczema. These work-related challenges are too hazardous to overlook.

  1. Infectious Diseases:-

Health industry workers are vulnerable to exposure to different categories of germs in laboratories. No wonder many nurses succumbed to COVID-19 while treating patients. Moreover, a worker stays vulnerable to disorders such as TB, HIV, and hepatitis. These diseases may also affect social workers collaborating with doctors/nurses to treat patients. That’s why wearing PPE is a necessity for these workers. Protective garments can prevent you from picking up these germs.

  1. Respiratory Disorders:-

Asthma, COPD, and lung-related illnesses are some of the most common examples. Estimates show that these disorders are prevalent in countries such as Canada today. Understandably, around 300 harmful chemicals are found in your traditional workplace. These toxins are responsible for any lung-related ailment in the country. These 300 chemicals lead to asthma among workers and may cause permanent damage to their respiratory systems. So, don’t forget to put on your masks.


Occupational ailments shouldn’t be taken lightly as they’ve become a grave issue in our country. Surveys show that 26,000 to 72,000 people die yearly in the United States from work-related diseases. These diseases range from simple sprains and strains to back pain and hearing loss. Employees can acquire serious disorders such as cancer, MSDs, and infectious diseases. Skin, respiratory, and mental health disorders aren’t uncommon in American workplaces. Overexertion causes folks in our offices to suffer and miss workdays. That’s why employees should contact expert lawyers to deal with occupational challenges and claim compensation for any injury caused by the nature of their work.

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