Yuzu vs. Ryujinx: Which is the Better Switch Emulator?

Yuzu vs Ryujinx

Emulation has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to play classic console and handheld games on modern devices. Two of the most popular Nintendo Switch emulators are Ryujinx and Yuzu. 

But which one is better? This article will compare the features and performance of Ryujinx and Yuzu to help you decide which Switch emulator is right for you.

Main Features of Yuzu

Yuzu is an open-source Switch emulator first released in 2017. Here are its notable features:

Yuzu Emulator
Yuzu Emulator


Like Ryujinx, Yuzu aims for high accuracy to mimic real Switch hardware and software behavior properly. This leads to accurate emulation of bugs and glitches.


Thanks to optimizations like multi-core support, Yuzu can deliver full-speed emulation for many modern PC games. Performance depends on hardware but is quite good overall.


Hundreds of commercial Switch games can already be played to completion on Yuzu. First-party Nintendo games have high compatibility rates. Compatibility improves with frequent updates.

User Experience

Yuzu provides a clean and intuitive UI. Useful features like GPU debugging, customizable controls, and mod support improve the overall user experience. You can also use the Yuzu Mod Downloader to install the game mods I shared recently.

Main Features of Ryujinx

Ryujinx is a relatively new open-source Nintendo Switch emulator first released in 2018. Here are some of its key features:

Ryujinx Emulator
Ryujinx Emulator


Ryujinx prides itself on being a highly accurate emulator. It aims to mimic the exact behavior of real Switch hardware and software. This leads to more bugs and glitches being emulated properly.


Ryujinx performs well even on low to mid-range PCs thanks to various optimizations and improvements. Games can run at 60fps or higher on sufficiently powerful hardware.


The emulator can already run many commercial Switch games to a playable state. Popular games like Super Mario Odyssey and Pokemon Let’s work well. Compatibility is constantly improving with new updates.

User Experience

Ryujinx provides a clean user interface. Features like graphics API selection, customizable controls, and save states make for a good user experience. Detailed logging helps diagnose any issues.

Key Differences Between Ryujinx and Yuzu

Now that we’ve looked at their individual features, let’s compare Ryujinx and Yuzu directly:


Both emulators prioritize accuracy as their primary goal. Regarding system emulation accuracy, Ryujinx has a slight edge currently, but Yuzu is catching up quickly.


Yuzu performs better and optimizes thanks to its maturity and development resources. But Ryujinx is rapidly improving in this area as well.


Yuzu has higher game compatibility rates overall, but Ryujinx is competitive for many popular titles. Yuzu’s game compatibility is helped by its head start in development.

User Experience

Both emulators provide a good user experience. Yuzu edges out with more robust features and mod support right now. However, Ryujinx is actively adding more user experience improvements.

Which Emulator Should You Choose?

So, which Switch emulator should you use? Here are some guidelines:

  • For the best compatibility, go with Yuzu. It can run more games properly, thanks to its maturity.
  • If you care about open-source ethos or want to tinker, choose Ryujinx. It has great potential.
  • For absolute performance, Yuzu is better optimized currently. But keep an eye on Ryujinx’s rapid progress.
  • For early access to new features, Ryujinx is frequently adding innovations so that it may be advantageous.
  • If you want a solid all-round experience, Yuzu is hard to beat. But Ryujinx keeps steadily closing the gap.

Ultimately, it depends on your priorities and use cases. Both Ryujinx and Yuzu are great open-source emulators with bright futures ahead.


Ryujinx and Yuzu are the two leading open-source Nintendo Switch emulators. Yuzu is more mature and has better compatibility and optimization. But Ryujinx is innovative, focused on accuracy, and rapidly improving.

For most users, Yuzu provides the best overall emulation experience right now. But Ryujinx is certainly one to watch as it continues to develop quickly. The friendly competition between the projects will ultimately result in better emulation for all. Give both a try to see which emulator best fits your needs.


Q: Is Ryujinx or Yuzu better for older or low-end PCs?

A: Yuzu generally has better performance optimization currently, so it may work better on older or low-end PCs. But Ryujinx is quickly improving performance as well.

Q: Which emulator gets new Switch games working first?

A: It can vary on a per-game basis. However, Yuzu’s greater resources and development maturity generally lead to higher compatibility rates for new games initially.

Q: Is online multiplayer possible with either emulator?

A: Limited online connectivity is possible, but it comes with issues. Both projects are working on improving online support. But neither currently provides a fully online experience.

Q: What about mod support?

A: Yuzu has more extensive modding options right now. Ryujinx is working on mod support but lags behind Yuzu in this area currently.

Q: Which emulator is easier to use for beginners?

A: Yuzu generally offers a more polished and robust user experience currently. However, Ryujinx is actively working on improving user-friendliness and adding more features.

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