2021 Business Branding Examples That Slay the Competition

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Branding is king. Consistent brand presentation across platforms can even increase revenue by 33%. Consistent branding examples are essential in cultivating customer business.

But how can you create a consistent brand image while moving into the unknown of 2021? Today, we’re exploring flexible branding examples that uplift brands going into the new year

Brother Vellies’ Pledge for Black-Owned Businesses

The Black Lives Matter movement turned global in 2020 after the death of George Floyd in May. While some brands struggled to address their systemic anti-black actions, shoe brand Brother Vellies did not flinch.

Creative director Aurora James spearheaded the Fifteen Percent Pledge Foundation. The foundation calls on businesses to dedicate at least 15% of their retail stock to black-owned businesses and products.

There is no doubt that the foundation’s main motive is one of black advocacy. However, the Fifteen Percent Pledge Foundation is de facto married to Brother Vellies’ branding.

Retailers including Macy’s and Sephora have pledged alongside Brother Vellies, and James was featured on American Vogue’s September cover.

Do you view social conflict or movements as a PR crisis? Instead, consider what you want your brand to stand for. Brother Vellies is now on the map as an ally of the Black Lives Matter movement and black business owners. This is a moral and bottom-line win all around. 

Disney Branding Examples Despite Layoffs

The coronavirus has created a harsh reality affecting outdoor events and amusement parks. Disney has had multiple layoffs due to the pandemic and many of their locations remained closed or open at lower capacities. However, Disney has managed to look forward and grow excitement for future attractions.

D23, the official Disney club site, shared a plethora of new Disney plans for 2021. 2021 will mark several anniversaries for Disney parks around the world. Celebrating these milestones serves as a consistent way to celebrate Disney’s brand.

Disney is also planning ride and attraction changes in 2021. One includes a revamp of Disneyland Resort’s Snow White’s Scary Adventures into Snow White’s Enchanted Wish.

This ride change offers a shiny, new attraction as an incentive to plan a Disney trip. It also suggests a more kid-friendly change to the ride. This serves as a way to take a previous branded Disney ride, and reinvent it in a different but still Disney-branded way.

Disneyland is currently closed but will be showing off the attraction in a planned reopening in 2021.

Winning Brands Test and Retest

Both Brother Vellies and Disney experienced and witnessed hardship in 2020. These brands have weighed their reactions to a hard year and used them to further define their brands.

So how can you help your own company thrive in branding come 2021? Test, test, and retest! Companies such as SmashBrand even specialize in helping companies test brand names, packaging, and more.

You won’t know what will resonate best with your audience until you test and retest different options.

Ace Your Branding in 2021

Brother Vellies has clearly defined its moral stance to support black-owned businesses. Their brand awareness has also increased as a result.

Disney thrives across digital, amusement park, and even event planning niches. In a pandemic that caused closures, the company has emphasized anniversary celebrations and new events come 2021.

Don’t be afraid to invent and reinvent yourself in 2021. Ready to claim the new year by following these branding examples? Want to cultivate new customers and trust? Read more of our branding and business tips on our website today.

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