5 Curling Iron Blunders You Might Be Making

Don’t you just adore long-lasting, beautiful curls? Especially when it’s so easy to get them at home with a curling iron. Every day or on special occasions.There’s never a bad day for curls.

But sometimes, your curls do not last, or they don’t look natural, even though you think you’ve done everything right. Curling your hair might seem fairly easy, butit’s also common to run into problems that could give you a different look than what you originally aimed for.

To get those dreamy curls, here are five common curling iron errors you should avoid:

  • Not Using a Thermal Hair Protectant

Before styling your hair, you must always add a heat protectant. This will ensure that, during the styling process, your hair is not ruined and is protected from the heat of the appliance you’re about to use. You must do this; if not, you may cause substantial damage to your hair.

  • Wrong Barrel Size

Using the wrong sized barrel is another mistakethat a lot of people make when they use a curling iron. Bigger barrels produce wider waves,while smaller ones result intighter curls. You may want to exchange the two depending on the type of look you want or which one you are more comfortable with.

It is safer to use a bigger barrel if you have long hair. Those with shorter hairshoulduse a smaller barrel as it can make tight ringlets.

  • Curling in The Wrong Direction

Whilecurling hair, there is no definite wrong or right way. But make sure that you curl away from the face to attain natural curls. Similarly, continue to curl various parts towards the back. To geta more natural look, switch directions with other parts of your hair. For those who have short hair, this works best.

  • Using Too Much Heat

Most curling irons will reach as high as 450 degrees. But it does not mean you should use high heat settings. It can damage the hair.

Use the curling iron at the lowest heat setting that works for your hair type to minimize potential damage. To be effective, just try to add as little heat as possible.

All hair types can retain up to 200 degrees heat. If you have either fine or thin hair, we suggest you go easy on the heat settings. You can try out the lower heat settings on your curling iron to prevent damage to your hair.

  • Using the Curling Ironfor Too Long

You should not leave your hair for more than 5-10 seconds in the curling iron as it can be harmful. Not only will your hair start falling off, but it also raises the risk of melting of hair. 

It is possible to prevent these common errors that people make with curling irons. For a healthy curling session, make sure to follow all the tips above. Make sure that you are still curling the correct amount of hair for the best possible results.Andbuy a good quality curling iron. 

There are popular brands like Vega that offer a great selection of curling irons online. One of the most popular onesis Vega Ease Curl 19mm hair curler. This curling iron will help you get glamorous curls in no time. Wrapyour hair around the barrel, hold your hair using the clamp, and produce natural curls without kinks. Vega Ease Curl is designedwith ceramic coating technology that creates smooth curls without exposing your hair to damaging high temperatures, and it goes up to 200⁰C.

By doing all the above, you should be able to get great results from your curling iron.

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