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Antique jewelries receive a lot of appreciation for its craftsmanship that are over a 100 years old. Its age, value and scarcity make it an expensive jewelry. The romantic, mystical beauty of the antique jewelries are nowadays hard to find. These hand-made unique designs gain extraordinary attention due to their old world techniques that are unparallel to the latest modern designs.


The value of the antique jewelries due to its desirable beauty always remains the same. Their hand made quality are more refined than the best jewelry ever made today. Every piece of antique jewelry holds a mysterial story of beauty from its particular era. These well-made jewleries, taken with proper care can last for a long time to boast about its irresistible beauty to every coming generations.



Lydia Courteille, Paris

This Parisian jewelry overflowing with a variety of antique jewelers are a true good stop for people looking out for antique jewelry collections. Their rare antique jewelries are of great demand in Paris. This narrow shop filled with mystery and beauty can let you discover the exquisite art residing in antique jewelries.


Their exclusive collection known as the 19th Century Jewelry consist of antique jewelries that can blow away your mind. Their rare collection of jewelries beginning from the 1940’s hold a unique beauty that no modern jewelries can offer. The grand heavier jewelries from 1940 to the mixture of hardstones on yellow gold representing jewellery after 1970, shout out the splendid history of fashion and jewelry that once ceased to exist.


Hatton Garden, London

The Hatton Garden Antique Jewelry of London began in 1875 with a large collection of rare antique jewelries to offer. Every jewelry of Hatton Garden, owns an elegant design from the most mastered craftsmanship of a forgotten era. Their popular collection of antique and vintage jewels hits a wave of nostalgia about its everlasting beauty.


The antique jewelry collections which include Victorian Jewelry, Art Nouveau Jewelry, Edward Jewelry, Art Deco Jewelry, to a variety of collections hold a story to portray about its classic elegance. Their antique Black diamond rings depict the oldest cut diamonds of a vintage era.


Doyle & Doyle, New York City

Doyle & Doyle with its unique set of antique jewelry collections, has become one of the rarest jewelries to hold up the ethnic quality of antique ornaments in the world. Their elegant vintage collection showcases the wowing factor of their beauty. The crescent diamond ring and band in their antique diamond collection, consist of a rose cut diamond with an elegant halo set of brilliant cut diamonds around it.


The antique three stone ring which centers a pinky red ruby cabochon with a perfect set of old mine cut diamonds can make a beautiful engagement ring for your loved ones. The antique Georgian diamond rings of Doyle & Doyle are known for their splendid beauty that contrasts against a set of sparkly white diamonds.


Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry, San Francisco

The Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry have a variety collection of jewelries from all periods. Their unique jewelry collection have made them one of the finest centers of antique collectors. They offer the largest collection of fine vintage engagement rings and antique jewels in San Francisco.


They wide variety of collections include Victorian diamond ring and filigree braclet, Mid-century cobra cufflinks, Antique hard stone camoe bracelets and much more incredible piece of jewelries.


Faerber-Collection, Hong Kong

Faerber was the first exhibitor to present an antique set of jewellery collection to the world. They are the most exceptional gemstones and jewelry dealers beginning from 1968. Their one of a kind Black pearl and coral bracelet and Black diamond engagement rings louds the pure ethnic culture and history of an unforgettable era.


The gemston box, pair of golconda diamonds, antique cameo of Augustus, mid-18th century Russian bracelets are some of the precious antique jewelries of the Faerber-Collection. The Faerber antique collection styles, specialise in the most iconic and unique jewelry periods of history with a thousand stories to portray in its mysterious beauty.

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