5 Things To Consider When Shopping Golf Course Mowers

Maintaining a golf course with the right length of turf is not as easy as it looks. It required lots of experience and powerful tools that are meant specially for them. Mowers are one of the best Toro golf course equipment to maintain the quality of golf course turf. A mower is an effective tool used to trim the lush green turfs without damaging its quality.

Are you shopping for new or used turf tools? If yes, then here are a few things to check in a mower. This will help you to know whether the mower is worth buying or not.

Work Efficiency

Do you know an eighteen holes golf course occupies about seventy hectares of land? And out of which almost thirty hectares are turf maintained. To maintain such a vast landmass, one needs powerful golf course mowers that work fast. The first thing that you should check in a mower is its cooling techniques and engine capacity. Generally, all such information is provided by the seller on their website. But if by chance you don’t find it on their website, you can contact them personally. Don’t hesitate to contact them. You are investing your hard-earned money in their products. And it’s your right to ensure that the mower you are buying is value for money. If you don’t get a reply or the reply is not satisfying, it’s best to find another brand.

Capability Of Blades

The blades are one of the essential components or part of golf course movers. If the blades are not designed precisely, they will not trim the turf. Before buying any mover, first, ask the seller to show some demo videos of trimming. In many cases, people place the order for their movers. And when it arrives, the blades are not sharp enough to work correctly. Asking for the demo videos helps to ensure you about the quality of mover you are thinking of placing an order for. On the other hand, if you are buying offline, you can try the mover yourself. Check and see if the blades are cutting precisely or not. 


Keep in mind that you have to drive or use the golf course mower continuously for a long period. Therefore it is important to check the comfort of the shade and seats of the mover. Using an uncomfortable golf course mower is quite challenging, and it also affects the quality of the turf or grass. Many people make this mistake of buying low priced toro golf course mowers, expecting high-quality results. One should always prioritize comfort over the price. Since it is about the golf course’s beauty, you cannot risk it by purchasing cheap mowers.

After-Sale Service

If you are buying a high-quality and expensive mower, you expect high-quality customer services from your seller, too. You should never choose a brand that does not provide quality after and before customer services. Suppose, if, in the future, your mover stops working. In that case, the first obvious thing you will do is contacting the customer service panel. How good is that brand, which cannot resolve your queries and is not there for you when you need them the most? So make sure when you are choosing a brand, don’t ignore this key point.

Final Words

These were some essential things one should always check in a mower before buying it. Follow our blog to read more posts like this.

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