Do you know what to take into account when taking out insurance? Be it car, motorcycle, life, health, among other services; some points are fundamental and decisive. This time, we have prepared a post with five tips that will serve as a checklist for you to analyze if the company you are hiring and the service you have chosen either is group health insurance or individual insurance, in fact, the best for you. Check out.

1 – Observe the safety of the services provided

Even if you are an insurer appointed by a friend or relative, make sure that your hiring services are safe and efficient. This avoids prevalent problems, such as needing insurance and discovering that it does not serve in a particular area, time or occasion.

Talk a lot with the broker, ask as much as you can and, if possible, talk to other clients. It is also good to always analyze the consumer protection agencies to find out if there are complaints about the company. 

2 – Monthly fee and readjustment

By law, every service contract provided needs to be detailed in terms of monthly fees and periodic adjustments. This prevents you from taking out insurance today for a fee and finds it is no longer applicable in a few months. These cases are more common than you think, and the customer is left with dissatisfaction and default.

If you do not have a breakdown of monthly fees for the next 12 months, ask the company to issue an unofficial document with such information. Attach to your contract and save it to check.

3 – Analyze the insurance liability limit

The liability limit for insurance is another common misconception among insurance customers. This means that many people hire an insurance company and do not know the claim or the coverage they are entitled to.

It is essential to know these limits for both partial and total damages. In your policy, you must have detailed all this information. As we indicated earlier, if you are missing, inform the company to issue a second document.

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4 – Beware of “scammer” brokers

Some serious professionals provide services to different companies and earn commissions for sales and purchases of some plans. On the other hand, some professionals work in a “detached” way, but in fact, apply several scams or manage to charge for values ​​entirely out of reality for clients.

When looking for insurance through a broker, we indicate that contact the company for which he works. check if there is a connection between both and if the services offered are those.

5 – Always read between the lines

Never find anything about a service. Never expect the insurer to do anything other than what is determined in your contract. Learn to search for all your information, analyze what is in the contract. And, mainly read what is between the lines. Only then will you have no headaches in the future.

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