5 Tips for Creating an Effective Business Presentation

Business presentations have to strike a delicate balance between being able to keep an audience’s attention and being a simple speaking aid. A lot of times, people miss the mark and their presentation doesn’t land. What is it about a presentation that makes one successful over another?

How can you avoid their fate? How can your business presentation win over your audience? Read on and learn five tips for an effective business presentation!

  1. Know Your Audience

Always make sure to know your audience. This means knowing the age group of your audience, their gender, and other information that can help you tailor your presentation to your audience. In a business setting, this can make or break your presentation.

You should also know what industry you’re talking to. You could give a presentation with the same information to two audiences, and you’d need to make two separate presentations depending on your audience. You don’t want to lose your audience because your presentation had all the right data but not the right flavor.

  1. Organize Your Information

Your presentation could be tailored to your audience precisely, but if the information therein is all over the place, your audience will be lost. Make sure your data flows nicely through the presentation. Present like information together with a clear progression.

For example, if you’re giving a presentation about how to take professional photos, you wouldn’t talk about how to edit photos along with how to be a photo animation maker. The connection between the topics needs to be obvious. Unless your presentation is about how two topics connect, it’s best to err on the side of obvious.

  1. Tell A Story

Keeping your information organized can help you tell a story with your presentation. Tell a story about a worker at the business, or about a user of the product you’re talking about, use your imagination. People are wired to hear and tell stories!

Take advantage of that to help keep your audience’s eyes on you. The human touch of a good story can help be persuasive connect with your audience. Make sure to read the room while telling a story, as well.

If your story isn’t connecting, don’t be afraid to modify the story’s tone. Remember, if the dynamic between you and your audience isn’t working, neither is your presentation!

  1. Use Bold, Eye-catching Images

Use images that relate to your audience, but also enhance the overall story you are trying to tell. Don’t be afraid to go bold, either! Images can help keep your audience’s eyes on your presentation. This applies to any graphs and charts you include as well.

You want to stay away from clip-art as well. It’s overused at this point and you’ll lose your audience. Yes, it’s right in PowerPoint, but it’s not professional.

  1. Keep It Simple

Above all, though, keep your presentation simple. Don’t use ten different fonts, use a nice and fresh template that will resonate with your audience. Don’t overdo it with the images!

Make sure you aren’t using distracting animations or slide transitions. Your goal should be for a presentation that not only matches your audience but also highlights what you yourself is saying. You can’t cram your slides with information, that’s what you are there for!

Easy Business Presentation

There are so many business presentation tips out there, but these five can get you moving in a positive direction with your audience. Prepare your slides, but also enjoy yourself when you are speaking. Your audience will be more engaged and they will retain the information better.

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