5 Top Tips for Designing Custom Fridge Magnets

Custom Fridge Magnets

A refrigerator is the first thing you open your eyes to in the morning and even the last thing to check before hitting the bed. Putting notes on magnetic picture frames on the fridge makes them prominent and helps you catch up on all-important day tasks. In addition, you can add specks of character and colour in custom magnetic frames to uplift your mood and kitchen space.

A perfectly designed magnetic picture frame will not just make its way to your fridge door but enjoy reference and attention in high-traffic zones. To ensure that magnets add to the aura of the refrigerator, marketers can help you have your unique preference in budget. You can reinvent a family memory in the shape of your fridge magnet. 

If you plan to make your fridge a family corner, get magnetic picture frames from any online store like Amazon or Etsy. The best thing you get with magnet picture frames is that they have an appealing design, are durable and come in different colours.

When looking for a magnetic frame, make sure you keep these things in mind

Keep It Simple

 If you have a fantastic family picture or any memorable shot and want it to stand out, you need to be very careful about the magnet picture frame design. It should be sleek to give more space and volume to picture. Please get a magnet frame in a light colour tone than your picture; it will enhance the photo. 

If you narrow down your search, you may find many magnetic picture frames with messages and cute words representing your thoughts, but one thing important to mention here is that short and crisp messages on magnetic picture frames are in trend. However, a custom magnetic frame will do the job if you do not find anything suitable.

Ensure Color Harmony

Your feelings in custom messages will only stand out if the magnetic frame has eye-pleasing colours. The custom magnetic frames can translate your thematic taste into reality and can give a personal touch to your fridge door. You can get aligned text font and size as per your choice. It’s better to have a text colour contrasting with the backdrop colour. Magnetic frames are the first choice when gifting something special to a loved one. You can show love printed in the form of a message on a frame with a perfect shot. You can enjoy creativity on screen before it’s translated into the form of the frame. 

Shapes Can Draw an Easy Attention

Magnetic Picture frames for refrigerators available in various shapes like football, house shape and delivery truck are best sellers. They do not tend to get the red carpet’s attention, but you may get praise for your good taste. A magnetic frame for the fridge is used for décor and is a collectable too. You can give away your beautiful memory to your child walking out of the house for college or get them printed to celebrate Christmas and present it to your loved one to keep them close to your chest. The shape of magnetic frame says all without saying a word!

Pack More Features

Turn your simple photo frames into magnetic frames and use them on the fridge to remember important meetings, appointment or even you can keep dates on your for the next Sephora or Next sale. Though we have reminders on phones, the magnetic picture frames go up to the retina and keep signaling your brain for the upcoming event. 


Magnetic frames are never out of trend; they change shape, and voila, a perfect custom gift to make your loved ones walk down memory lane. You may find perfect magnetic picture frames in online stores, but if you want to gift something unique on a budget, it’s best to get custom magnet frames that make your way to your fridge door and a room in your heart!


How do magnetic picture frameworks?

The mainframe has a set of three magnetic points or extensions. You can make a complete picture memory or walk through placing other magnets in different patterns with the main magnet. 

 Is it OK to put a Magnetic frame on a refrigerator? 

Yes, a magnetic frame will add colour and vibes to your refrigerator and has no interruption in any cooling mechanics. 

Do magnetic picture frames leaves a mark on your refrigerator door?

Magnetic frames leave scuff marks on the stainless steel doors of refrigerators. But if you do not have a stainless steel refrigerator door, there is no need to worry about any marks.

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