6 best sites to download movie subtitles for free

6 best sites to download movie subtitles for free
6 best sites to download movie subtitles for free

Subtitles are best to choose whenever a person is looking forward to watching a language which is available in a different language other than their native language. It will not only help them to understand the plot of the movie but will also help them to understand how things are going on. Not only for people who can listen but for all those who cannot listen, subtitles still are very beneficial. Usually when a person is watching movies with the help of DVD or Blu-Ray subtitles are included in it. But the issue with the same is that these are available in one or two languages only. 

If you are not able to get the same line with the now several websites are available online where you can look forward to the subtitles of the particular movie. If you have no idea about the subtitle website you can one see it doesn’t here we will be going to discuss it.

  • Opensubtitles:


Open subtitles are considered to be one of the best platforms for movie subtitles on the Internet. More than 5 million subtitles are available, and you can easily download them. Hear the subtitles are available in more than 50 different languages and you can choose easily.

From Aragonese to Vietnamese, the platform offers a user to download the subtitles accordingly.

Whenever a subtitle is uploaded on the platform, movie name, upload date and comment along with overall rating are provided. The search bar is available at the top, which will help you look forward to the subtitles easily. You need to search, and within no time, results will be available. Also if you wish to search by rating, format, age, and so on option is also available.

Additionally, if you were to download subtitles for TV Series, you can go for the same as well. If you wish to participate in a community forum where all of the users communicate with each other and suggest the tips to find out the subtitles you can also go for it.


  • Addic7ed:


As the name suggests Addic7ed (addicted), for all those, who consider themselves to be movie addicts this platform, is the right one to choose whenever they wish to download subtitles. Like opensubtitles, this platform also offers the user to download subtitles for movies and TV shows easily. But for downloading the subtitles, a user must sign up. After doing the sign-up, they will be able to search for their favourite movie subtitles and easily scroll through the drop-down menu available. 

Also, the subtitles which are regularly displaced in the RSS feed at the top of the page from there users can look forward to it.

Schedules for upcoming TV shows and movies are also available on this site so that you will be able to know when the subtitles for your favourite movie will be going to come. FAQ and support forums are also available that will help you to ask your query easily. Some tutorial pages are also available that will help you to understand the uses of the site. 

Multiple languages from Arabic to Swedish are offered here, and you can choose and download the subtitles easily.



  • Podnapisi:


Podnapisi hit in the category of those sites to download the subtitles which are available with a user-friendly interface. This platform is best to consider because it will help you to download the subtitles as per your requirement. You might feel like it only serves the international market, but this is not the truth at all. More than 2 million subtitles for downloading are available here, and you can look forward to it easily. Not only for movies but for TV series as well the content is available.

The best part about Podnapisi is the categorization done. On the main page, a shortlist of latest update subtitles is available, and along with it clear sections are available mentioning the best-rated, most rated, most commented uploads available. You can easily look forward to downloading them.

Also, the advanced search option is available through which you can search the title by using year, language, keywords and so on. If you wish to ask some queries or you wish to know about the latest release the option is also available for you.


  • Yify subtitles:


Yify subtitle is also known to be one of the best platforms whenever you are looking forward to downloading the subtitles. The reason behind the same is the interface and the content available on it. But here, you will be going to get subtitles for movies only. Subtitles offered to you by Yify subtitles safe and piracy free. You can download the subtitles in multiple languages. On the front page, a list of popular subtitles is available, and you can easily see which one is released recently. Categorization as per the movies is done. You can look forward to the same as well.

Additionally, if you wish to search for a specific movie, the search bar is available to help you with that. Within no time, the result will appear in front of you. Autosuggestion tool is also there that will help you to find out the subtitle as per the type of the movie. 

A page which is dedicated to subtitles will be going to have details about movie length, ratings, release date, and subtitles. This is free to use, and there is no need for you to do any registration. You cannot upload your subtitles here, as this platform is handling its own sufficiently.


  • DIVX subtitles:


After getting on to this site, you feel like it is something which belongs to early 2000, but yet it is a very useful resource whenever you are looking forward to subtitles. Here your problem will get resolved, and it will help you to get available with the content accordingly. Regularly the content gets updated here, and you can download them easily. This platform is in Run from 2002, and now every time it surprises its user with something different. 

Here if you wish to search forward for subtitles based on Keyword, movie name, format, language and so on the option is also available. A category page is available if you wish you can look forward to the same as well. For non-English movies as well the subtitles are available here. If you feel like that the subtitle you want is not available, then you can download it in another language.



  • Subscene:


Subscene is also one of the best platforms and has been serving the user with all the subtitles since 2005. In multiple languages the subtitles are available, and for everyone, this is right to choose because of the user-friendly interface.

The search bar is available at the top, which will help you to look forward to your favourite subtitles easily. Moreover, if you wish to add subtitles of your own, then you can sign up on the page and do it. TV shows and movies subtitles are available, and for music videos as well you will be going to get the subtitle care.

If the site is not fulfilling your purpose, then you can put about the same in community forums. After the discussion, you will be going to get the result easily. Every movie comes up with an entry page, and all the details about the movie like ratings, release date, cast and others are available. You can go through it as well.

Final words:

The sides are the best one for you to choose whenever you wish to download subtitles. There is no need for you to look forward to another platform whenever you want to download. They might be that you feel like they are creating unnecessary trouble for you, but apart from ads, it is serving your purpose, and you can use it easily. Moreover, if you are not able to find out the subtitles for a movie, you can use creating video subtitles yourself.

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