8 Creative Wedding Ideas


Before anything, congratulations on your engagement! Probably you have been dreaming about your wedding day since you were young. Like any other bride or groom, you have been thinking of the wedding gears, your partner, and the wedding celebrations. But have you been thinking of personalised wedding favours? The chances are that you have not thought towards that direction. Showing gratitude to your guests is one of the best forms of appreciation, and there’s no other way around besides the personalised wedding appreciation.

The post will provide you with an array of affordable wedding ideas that will make your wedding unique. The ideas are not that expensive, but they are full of styles which will inspire you and also delight your guests.

So, what are they?

1.Fortune Cookies

Cookies are one of the cheapest wedding favors. Anyone can afford them without a hassle. There are two categories of cookies, you can visit your nearby supermarket and buy loads of them at an affordable price. But if you want your wedding to be unique, why don’t you buy the personalised ones? Your guests will feel deeply associated with the event.

2.Cocktail In A Jar

A cocktail is so common in many weddings. Most people love delicious cocktails for wedding breakfasts. You can do this by yourself, mix one or two types of favourite cocktails and then put them in little jars with a personalised tag or sticker. Anyone taking the cocktail will have the memories of the wedding and try to identify with you.

3.Hot Cocoa Favours

Is there anything more appropriate when it comes to a winter wedding than cocoa? Cocoa comes second to none. The cocoa mix can be used at any juncture or saved for later usage. You can personalise the cocoa jars. This can be done by tying various types of tags or mix-ins on the jars or putting stickers on jars.

4.Customised Candy Favours

The idea is so cute and also practical. In most cases, this is the most common personalised wedding idea since the implementation process is easier and cheaper. All you need to do is to make it unique. One can decide to buy king-size bags of his or her favourite candy with a slew of containers. Then he or she should fill them with his or her personalised heart content.

5.Personalised Socks

Most people may be laughing at this, but it’s a magical idea. When it comes to socks, ensure they look cool-that is from colour and size. Next, personalise them with the most appealing content. This can be your names, the date of the wedding, or even why you love your partner. Let the content be kind, simple, and straightforward.


Chocolate is often associated with love and kindness. The idea can be homemade or even procured from the service provider. All that is needed is top-notch creativity. The guests will receive well truffles and it will make the wedding environment so lovely. In addition, the chocolate truffles can be paired with dinner coffee. What a wonderful idea!


Why don’t you take the game a notch higher and treat your guests with some pastel macarons? Pretty macarons come in two to three boxes, and you can use bespoke colours and flavours to suit your event’s theme. You can find the right words and statements and place them adjacent to the macarons. Make the visitors scramble for suiting words. It can be an event within an event.

8.Mini Olive Oil

Bottles of balsamic vinegar, condiments, or even infused olive oil can be personalised. Bottles like those of Greek olive oils will make the event unforgettable.

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