A Different Expedition – Dubai Desert Safari

Famous for its skyscrapers and the amazing Palm Islands, Dubai has a lot for tourists. The fact that it received a huge number of people with the quest to explore this beautiful city of gold can certainly not be denied. In 2019 alone, it welcomed around 16.73 million tourists, which is a record in itself.

Without any doubt, it is regarded as one of the best tourist places across the globe. And it has earned this spot fair and square. With so much to explore and take part in, the emirate surely knows the pulse of tourists. Out of all the activities and adventures it offers, Dubai desert safari deserves special mention.

A globally recognised, award-winning activity, it entails plenty of special features that grab the attention of tourists and adventure-seekers from all over the world. This is why you can easily spot many foreigners enjoying this exhilarating trip. It truly is an expedition with a difference as will get to see a different side of nature – the one that has been unexplored, particularly if you live in a metropolis.

Take a look at some of the factors that make Dubai desert safari a trip with a difference:

Away from the City

The very fact that makes Dubai desert safari different from other trips and adventures is that it will take you away from the chaos and hubbub of the city. You wouldn’t have to worry about cars honking or getting stuck in traffic for hours. For this unique journey, you will be taken to the campsite in the middle of the desert on luxury vehicles.

Some companies also offer self-drive packages where guests can drive to the campsite on their vehicles. However, our recommendation would be to reserve a seat in a luxury 4×4 vehicle that these companies arrange for guests. You will be picked up from a designated pick-up spot or your hotel/resort and driven to the campsite in a convenient and comfortable manner.

A Fully-Functional Campsite

Surely, camping is a fun experience but it can get a little challenging as well. First of all, you will have to find a spot suitable for camping. And then, you need to take all camping supplies to that spot. Of course, it is a challenge in itself. Lastly, you will also have to do everything on your own such as cooking, fixing tents etc. Finding an appropriate spot to go to the loo is a big challenge as well.

Imagine that you don’t have to face any of these challenges and yet you can enjoy the excitement-filled experience of camping. Sounds unbelievable, right? Desert safari can make this possible for you. The campsite is fully functional and properly secured. There are basic and advanced facilities available that allow guests to spend the night in a comfortable and safe manner. You will not have to bring camping supplies as everything is available at the campsite. Furthermore, there are separate toilets for men and women as well.

Lavish BBQ Dinner

Mostly, people enjoy BBQ dinners with their friends once a while. But the dinner arranged at the campsite is entirely different. Firstly, it is a three-course meal that consists of some of the most mouth-watering Arab delicacies. Other than that, it is a bonfire dinner, which is not something people get to enjoy very often. Both non-veg and veg food items are available for guests to relish.

Fun-Filled Activities

This trip holds great popularity among adventure-seekers because of the fun-filled activities it has for them. For example, when was the last time you had enjoyed something exciting like sand boarding or quad bike riding. These are two main activities guests can enjoy at the campsite. Other than that, there is straight-out-of-the-action-movies dune buggy ride and dune bashing. Camel ride is also available.

Note that some of these activities are available in selective packages only. You will need to pay extra for them. Also, these activities and adventures may vary from company to company.

A Final Word

To sum it up, Dubai desert safari is surely a different expedition. It is not something you would get to enjoy very frequently. So, whenever you are planning your trip to Dubai, make room for this fun and adventure-filled activity. As said above, your experience would differ from company to company. So, make sure to hire the best trip organiser.

Also, pay special attention to the packages and deals they offer. Mostly, companies offer morning, overnight and evening desert safari deals. Select the one that suits your requirements, schedule and budget to enjoy this trip. The packages offered include basic, advanced and VIP/Elite. Each of them differs in terms of price and services offered. If you want the best experience with great comforts and conveniences, opt for the VIP or elite package.

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