A Guide to Medical Records Correction

Making errors is common. Many times patients make the mistake while seeking medical treatment. In the same way, the medical practitioners who work in stressful conditions like treating a suffering patient can also make a mistake. The mistakes can take place before, at the time of, or after the care is provided by way of marking errors in the medical records of a patient. 

Mistakes in Medical Records

The nurses in the hospital might omit additional injuries or write the incorrect date of the accident. They might note inaccurate information provided to them by the healthcare provider. Moreover, there are chances that translators gave incorrect information as many concepts or words can be difficult for healthcare staff. Even if they translate well, there could be a huge difference in the abilities of the translators. 

For instance, there are numerous ways a patient can define painful sensations such as stinging, crushing, acute, sharp, deep, burning, throbbing, recurring, etc. It might be difficult for the translator that there is something that does not feel right. All this leads to several incidents when the medical records of a person contain inaccuracies. Healthcare providers are also aware of this. 

Moreover, there are many cases in which the surgeon operated on the wrong part of the body because of a mistake in the medical records. In case medical records of individuals have a hundred pages, there would be numerous misstatements, typos as well as other inaccuracies.

Options for Correction in Medical Records

Errors in medical records are a universal phenomenon. However, there is a mechanism by which the individuals might request amendments or corrections. As a patient, you might request the amendment or correction of your medical record for completeness or accuracy. You would need to identify the error and write to the physician while asking for an amendment or change. The medical practitioner is required to inform you that he/she has changed the medical record within 10 days of the request. 

Even if the medical provider has decided not to make a change in the medical record, he/she would have to inform in 10 days. The request for the amendment, change, or correction becomes the medical record’s part as proof. Many people do not even realize that the medical record might have errors that could lead to problems for patients.

The lawyers explore the records for omissions as well as errors. After that, they would make efforts to describe the patient as a non-credible plaintiff. Moreover, the misinterpretation of injuries of patients might affect the claim.  

After an error is made, the damage is done. However, in case a patient requests for review or correction to medical records, the damage might be minimized. In case you have a worker’s compensation or personal injury claim that relies on medical records, it is advised to get a copy of records. If you find any error and need help for correction, consider hiring a lawyer. If you are looking for experienced attorneys, The Walthew Law Firm is the best place. 

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