A Legit Senior Care Startup – Emoha – 24/7 Responding Service

Emoha Eldercare is an initiative tech startup aimed to focus on senior care. Based in Gurugram, Emoha is proudly first Indian Service Provider with 24×7 paramedic responder for elders.

The startup was initiated by the pulls and push of taking care of their own parents. Struggling with it, they soon realised the lack and inadequacy of elder care in India. This burned the desire to provide the best health care services for all the senior care facilities in India, thus raising the birth of Emoha Eldercare. 

Elders face a ton of challenges which insist the family members to bring on a lot more attention, love and care to them. This is when Emoha enters, to aid the family with professional help and assure them the safety of their elders. 

The main motive of Emoha is to help elders stay healthy at homes and enjoy their comfort zone. Through their services, elders are relieved from the mental strains of staying away from their family and loved ones.

With the deep passion for elders, Emoha ensures to benefit them with more facilities than what is provided in nursing homes. Each of the carers are fully trained specifically for the wellness of elders and their safety.

The vision of this startup is not only limited to the best health care service to elders but also to secure, simplify and energize their living. They consider them themselves as a ‘professional relative’ of the senior citizens of India.

To trigger the loneliness of elders, they yield complete assistance to the needs of elders. Emoha volunteers are spread in most of the parts of Delhi NCR. Both male and female nurses can be availed for the elderly care in Delhi (Greenpark, Dwarka and other areas) Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida & Noida.

To trigger the loneliness of elders, they yield complete assistance to the needs of elders. 

Apart from real interaction services, Emoha got a specific app to communicate and interact with elders. Through this app, they are building a digital community of elders which offers services and activities of their desire.

This tech-startup also caters home sensors and smart analysis services to monitor and deliver a perfect at-home service. 

Being a 24×7 responder service provider, Emoha is purposed to serve 5 primary eldercare concerns, namely, emergency response, health tracking, home safety, lifestyle support, and engagement.

With in-depth research and personal life experiences, Emoha caters 7 different service categories and 3 membership plans. All designed and tailored to provide the best health care services to seniors in their golden years.

Talking about one of their highly demanded membership plans – Emoha provides Smart Home Care service tailored for elders who require a high-quality of at-home peculiar care. All the sub-categories of this plan are ingredient with 12 to 24 hours nurse to home services and customised care plan preparation and management to make our elders feel a healthy, happy and safe life. 

Naming a few of these specialties Smart Home Care plans:

  • Holistic Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Palliative & Hospice Care
  • Post-Operative Care (Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement etc.)
  • Geriatric/Assisted Living Care
  • Onco Care
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care
  • Parkinson’s
  • Empower Plan Benefits Included

Emoha aims at providing quality nursing care in each of the above plans and makes the plan holder enjoy the benefits of having:

  • Ex-Defence personnel as Dedicated Community Manager
  • Emergency and crisis assistance, if required
  • Hospital Associate or Coordination
  • Discounted Medicines, Diagnostics & Medical equipment (Rent & Purchase)

Thus, Emoha is purposed to’re-invent the retirement’ of elders in the most convenient manner. 

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