A One-Stop solution to Microbial and Odor Problems

A One-Stop solution to Microbial and Odor Problems

Microorganisms are anywhere and everywhere in the environment. The minimum nutritional requirements for their growth and reproduction are water, carbon source, nitrogen, and some inorganic salts. These are predominantly found in nature. Fabric, because of its properties and proximity to the human body, is an excellent substrate for the adhesion, transmission, and reproduction of different microbes that cause infections. Public awareness of the risks associated with microbial infections increases the demand for antimicrobial products.

Why do you need an Antimicrobial or Odour Control Product?

Germs are everywhere, lining the products’ surface; you come into contact with them every day. The odor is real. Have you ever noticed how your favorite training shirt or pair of sneakers smells terrible when they don’t get washed? There’s a genuine reason for that foul smell. Bacteria can increase on unprotected surfaces or fabrics, causing premature damage and eerie odors. The demand for products with an extra layer of antimicrobial protection and odor control is on the rise. It helps in preventing stains, unpleasant odor, mold, and other harmful bacteria from growing.

What is Microban?

Microban is a leader in proficient antimicrobial technology and odor control solutions. Their proven formulas are successfully combined with a wide range of materials to provide long-lasting protection against the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi, and algae. Microbial solutions added during the manufacturing process are an integral part of the product. Microban 24 wholesale offers various supplements for various manufacturers, including health, retail, and consumer products. The company also provides seamless support services to facilitate the continued operation of antimicrobial products and surfaces.

What are the benefits of Microban’s integrated antimicrobial technology?

Microban’s leading microbial protection technologies are based on scientifically proven active ingredients. The technologies are developed to produce products and surfaces that solve specific microbial problems. Microban has proven to be effective against various bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant MRSA, E.coli, and VRE.

What features make Microban so effective?

Microban is almost 99.99% effective against bacteria. The multi-modal effect of antimicrobial technology means that bacteria struggle to survive when it interacts with antimicrobial products.

  •         Silver Technologies: Based on active ingredients containing silver ions, Silver Technologies will provide prevention against bacteria such as S.Aureus and E.coli.
  •         Zinc Technologies: Zinc technologies are based on zinc pyrithione active ingredients that will treat bacteria and stop the development of ugly molds and fungi.

A moist and humid environment provides excellent conditions for bacterial growth. On an unprotected surface, the number of bacteria can double every twenty minutes. Regular cleaning or washing is required to prevent such happening. For a higher level of prevention, built-in antimicrobials and anti-odor technologies can provide protection. Effectiveness against common bacteria that cause stains and odors on household items and the clothing and footwear you love is essential for healthy living. Fortunately, antimicrobial and anti-odor technologies like Microban 24 can be added to clothing, footwear, and home textiles during the manufacturing processes to ensure you and your family keep products fresh and sustain built-in. If you are looking for an excellent antimicrobial solution, buy Microban 24 wholesale at a reasonable price point.

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