Uber was a colossal achievement. Many see it as a milestone change in the taxi business vertical. Be that as it may, there’s quite a lot more to it. Uber’s prosperity was a declaration to the way that the on-request plan of action is what’s to come. Its prosperity gave business people the certainty to put intensely in the on-request plans of action to upset a few industry verticals.
How to develop an Uber-like app for trucking?
If you’re looking to create an Uber trucking app, then it’s authoritative to hire a presumed mobile app development Dubai company. You have to work together and work carefully with the specialists to get a robust Uber cargo application. Moreover, there are many other things that you need to consider for building your own Uber freight application which we are going to discuss below.
Want to decide the type of application you want to develop?

There are two scenarios:

You have your own fleet of trucks. At this time, you wish to modernize operations and scale your business with the help of a digital solution.
You want to build a marketplace that connects shippers with the carriers

Necessary features for Uber for trucks app:

Driver’s app
The purpose of the mobile app development Dubai is to enable carriers to fill their trucks with cargo and to facilitate seamless transportation to its destination. To achieve this, you must add the below feature for your Uber truck driver app:


Provide credentials to each individual carrier after the carrier is permitted by you to make the deliveries.

Shipment details
This feature helps the drivers to view all the important cargo information before they accept the shipment.

Request cancellation
This feature enables the carriers to cancel the shipment in case of an emergency or accident.

This feature helps the drivers to track the routes in real-time.

Shipper’s app:

Like in the driver’s application, the shipper’s app will also have the registration feature.

List of vehicles
This feature shows the list of all the available vehicles that are present in that area along with its necessary details.

Schedule booking
You must allow the shippers with flexibility as far as the booking are concerned.

This feature prompts the shippers about the date and time of shipment delivery. Furthermore, it also informs the shippers when the cargo is lastly transported.

Payment options
Offer your shippers with multiple modes of payment.

Ratings and reviews
The shippers can rate the carriers as per their shipping experience.

Vehicle tracking
This feature allows transporters in real-time tracking of all their vehicles that carry the consignment.

A good firm is crucial for the success of your Uber-like trucking app development. Mobile app development Dubai provides the best in domain app development services to the customers. You can also hire a mobile app development Dubai that can generate a protected and feature-packed mobile app for your transportation business.
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