Add a Dental Check-Up to Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s a new year – new you. You’re going to lose the extra weight and make more effort to spend time with your loved ones. Kudos to you. You’re on the right track. But perhaps you may want to add a dental checkup to your resolutions. Here’s why.

Prevents plaque and tooth decay

You may brush and floss your teeth exceptionally well. However, there are still parts of the mouth that you can’t reach. That’s why you need to book your dentist’s appointment for regular cleaning this year. 

When plaque stays on the tooth’s surface, it gets even harder to remove. And it forms tartar, which chips away at the tooth enamel, causing cavities. 

Unfortunately, you don’t feel cavities until they are too big. So it might be better to get regular cleaning and not wait until there’s a problem to see the dentist.

Prevent Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Tartar won’t only erode the tooth’s surface. It will eat away at the gum, and it won’t spare the bone holding your teeth either. The result is a disease called Gingivitis that presents itself with sore and bleeding gums.

Gingivitis can lead to a more severe disease called periodontitis. At its worst, your teeth may fall out. Treating this will take medication and possibly surgery. 

Why not avoid all of this by booking your dentist’s appointments? 

Early detection of oral cancer

If oral cancer is caught early, it can be dealt with before it spreads to the rest of the body. However, it’s tough to detect, especially for the untrained eye. With regular dentist checkups( at least every six months), your dentist’s trained eye can pick early warning signs of cancer. 

Prevent other problems

Your dentist will also do an x-ray check of your jawline to check for problems under the surface. 

Additionally, studies have linked oral health to overall health. According to the Havard Medical School’s research, gum disease is linked to heart disease. And when it comes to your overall health, prevention is always the best cure.

You’re always the last person to catch your bad breath. To avoid embarrassment and health issues, it’s a good idea to schedule your dental visits regularly. Your doctor will detect the cause of bad breath and treat them before it becomes an issue. 

Saves you more money in the long run

Skipping your dentist’s appointments won’t save you any money. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s cheaper to get regular cleaning than having cavities filled. It will be even more expensive for more significant procedures like root canals. 

To look good

A beautiful smile brightens the face. What makes a great smile more than a clean set of teeth? Make it a point to choose to go to the dentist regularly this year to get your teeth white and bright- it will make you look good. 


The new year is a time to plan to make your life better than the year before. Resolve to visit your dentist more often this year. Improve your oral and overall health, and look good too. 

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