All About Buying Health Insurance For Domestic Help

Life in a metro city can be quite hectic. The hours between sunrise and sunset seem to almost pass you by in a jiffy as you rush from home to work and back. Yet, our schedules often manage to stay on track thanks to the immense support that we receive from our domestic workers.

In fact, it is almost so hard to imagine our lives without the assistance of domestic help at home. Without the chores getting completed, almost nothing else would probably happen on time. Yet, we may sometimes forget to take a moment to reflect on the fact that our domestic help workers can sometimes fall sick too. We are so dependent on them that we rely on them when we are ill…but who will they depend on in times of sickness?

This brings us to the important discussion of buying health insurance for domestic help at home. Remember that your housemaid probably runs her entire home on her salary and thus, saves next to little or nothing. How will she ever pay for hospital bills if she (or any member of her household) falls seriously ill?

If your housemaid has her own health insurance coverage, she will not have to worry about affording hospital bills. Nor will she face any need of asking people for money.

The onus falls on you to help your domestic worker come under the protective cover of health insurance.

Your domestic worker may choose to opt in for the government’s RashtriyaSwasthyaBimaYojna for basic coverage. This scheme covers the policyholder for up to Rs 30,000 for a range of hospitalisation costs as well as pre-and post-hospitalisation expenses as noted in the policy.

As an employer, you may also consider buying a higher coverage health insurance policy for your domestic worker that gives them additional security. Consider coverage for at least Rs 3 lakhs for an individual health insurance policy. You could have a discussion with them as well to inquire about coverage needs for their spouse or children. If they wish to opt in for a family floater plan, you could consider a slightly larger sum insured.

Now, it is important to note that you cannot buy health insurance for your maid and her family under your name. The coverage must be registered in their name. You can simply ensure that the payments go from your accounton time, whenever they are due.

When buying coverage for your domestic worker, look for a good health insurance policy that offers complete protection at affordable rates. In this regard, the standardized ArogyaSanjeevani Policy from IRDAI offers affordable medical coverage. The policy will cover your maid for a range of hospitalisation expenses, pre-and post-hospitalisation costs, AYUSH treatment, and ambulance charges up to limits specified in the policy. The co-pay is affordable at only 5%. Furthermore, your domestic worker can also opt in for the coverage as a family floater plan.

Do talk to your domestic worker as soon as possible about their needs for coverage. Your home relies heavily on their shoulders to function well; now, they too will have something to rely on.

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